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  1. Plot: So high school class visitng the castle of Dracula because they finished reading the book Dracula. The owners son Alucard gives them tours and allowed class to stay in his castle My character doesn't believe in vampires and when things start to get strange. She can't help but notice some painting of Dracula look a lot like the owners son. The start talking and she starts learning a lot about this owners son and learns some things that lead to the comclusion that maybe Dracula wasn't a mythical person. sh starts to figure out things along the way and causes things to start going wrong when the Tour guide, Alucard is getting rather thirty and she cuts her hand and Dracula's old way starts coming through yet he really truly doesn't want to harm her. They meet face to face and see that she might have been saved in her childhood by him before, but was it all a dream?

    I would be a human girl (falls for the count) and the only werewolf guard of the castle

    (No other werewolves be human maids and butlers)

    Chariot Horses - [​IMG]

    The Castle[​IMG]

    Join forum for Students on Feild Trip

    Name :

    age :

    history :

    personality :


    For maids, servants (Do not speak of vampires while the class is at the house)

    Name :

    age :

    Role (servant or Butler)

    History :

    Perosnality :


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    Coming soon The girl that falls for the count and the werewolf guard of the castle
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  2. Name : Bane Xeon

    Race (each of us play a human and a supernatrual creature. you have son of Dracula and I have his guard wolf brother Bane XD) Werewolf Vampire

    werewolf abilities (humans don't have powers, but vampires and werewolves have two main powers they use)

    His regular powers : Strong enough to lift over a ton and bend metal, fast enough to run at/beyond the high-way speed limit, durable enough to withstand being thrown off tall buildings. Can leap around forty feet into the air and catch things thrown at him.Can hear things up from ten miles away and jaws streangth that can chomp through metal. his balance is better then that of most humans and werewolves

    Bane's hybrid powers : can commuicate with creatures of the night, not command but can talk and ask for aid. He can talk with all K-9's , wolves, domestic and other wolf creatures like werewolves. He can grow wings large leather bat like wings. He can drink blood but only in great time of need.

    Weakness : Silver things (bullets, nets and swords)

    Flaws/facts about him

    - in wolf form he has a very much a dog like personality, scrtahc him behind the ears or rub his belly and he is your best friend.

    - he has a HUGE sweet tooth, no one can hide candy from him

    - In human form he is very friendly and protective

    -he has one red eye and one blue eye

    - He is always one that wants to learn more

    -Though a werewolf he is very social and friendly to all creatures

    - He likes snow

    -He has five german shepeard dogs that only fallow his command, the count named them but he owns them



    History : Bane was always a loner, always alone and as a pup kicked from his pack from his own father. he was caught by hunters and they used him to find other werewolves and vampires that they hunted. That's when everything changed, he was hunted by the hunters and saved by the son of dracula, ever since then they have been like brothers always ahving each others back and making sure they where both safe. Making sure that the world didn't know of them as well, this might all change. He has been bitten by his friend to save his life from dying of silver posioning an became the first rare creature thats both wolf and vampire.

    Personality : Bane is a tough love kind of person, he can be strict and quick to anger but his love and care for nature/Humans is very amazing. he will tend to a small childs scraped knee to his boss/Brother's torn up body form fighting with hunters or werewolves.

    Picture :

    Human : [​IMG]

    His main outfit [​IMG]

    Werewolf form (stands seven feet tall) [​IMG]


    Werewolf full wolf form (collar on him stands five feet tall)[​IMG]

    Name : Ginger Helsing

    race (each of us play a human and a supernatrual creature. you have son of Dracula and I have his guard wolf brother Bane XD) Human

    Powers (humans don't have powers, but vampires and werewolves have two main powers they use)


    History : her great great great grandfather was Gabriel Van Helsing, she forever learned his history and was walking back home as a five year old girl when she nearly got hit by a car but someone had grabbed her and placed her down. never said thank you or goodbye and forever more she wished to learn who was that man.

    Personality : Cool and collected, always a smart mouth at times and can be rude and arrogant but her love fir the supernatrual is out of the human world.

    Picture : [​IMG]
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  3. Name : Natasha

    role : Servant

    age : 21

    History : She was found by the coutn as a young homeless child and he took her in and they stayed at his castle. She is native American and lost her way home and was found/

    Perosnality : Always a nice soul, friendly and happy to greet anyone. great with pets and other animals of the castle. She is the main caretaker of the carrige horses.

  4. Aaah, here we go. Sorry for the wait. Alucard will be posted up soon.
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  6. Name: Alucard
    Age: Probably at least a thousand, but who's counting?
    Role: Vampiric master of the castle.
    History: After his father's defeat by Van Helsing, Alucard became the current King of Vampires. Now, ruling from his castle in the night, Alucard keeps mostly to himself, exercising his kingly power over the other vampires about once every hundred years, he's allowed his brethren to become beasts of myth an legend, granting them the power to feed more freely than ever before. Despite his popularity as king, he's felt like something's been missing from his life.
    Personality: Alucard has two faces. In an attempt to distance himself from his father, he's done his best to cultivate a new, lighthearted persona. He's gotten hooked onto Marvel comics, and has stayed very in touch with human culture.
    Description: Alucard has dark hair, a sharp nose and a pair of piercing red eyes, made blue by magic. He's tall and lanky with broad shoulders, and has developed a penchant for crimson suits.
    Powers: Incredible mystical powers, developed over many years of study and practice. Additionally, he possesses all the abilities of a vampire: shape-shifting, flight, control over the weather, influence over the minds of humans and lesser undead. He's also basically immortal, unless impaled through the heart or cast out into sunlight.
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  7. Name : Lucifer

    age : 20

    history : Once was a blood thirsty killer till age 5-19 but now is clean but his addiction still is with him.

    personality : Rather silent and secretive person

    Role: Butler


  8. Neat accepted.
  9. So whoever joins. Maids and butlers are humans do not talk about Werewolves or Vampires while the students are here.

    Students are human so no powers for you guys

    Anime or real pictures are indeed fine
  10. Interesting i shall apply as someone. maybe both student and Maid or Butler
  11. Alright awesome
  12. Cool Rp can't wait for it to start
  13. Thanks !