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  1. This is a simple and fun exercise

    Write a post about a character's experience... that you have never had.

    Got a clean record? Write a character getting arrested

    Never been in the army? Write a character's first day in Basic Training

    Have a fear of heights? Write a character going skydiving - maybe their favourite thing!

    Try to write it as accurately as possible. Think through what would happen in your chosen experience, and take your character's personality into consideration writing their responses.

    The point of this exercise is to help you write your character as their own person, with their own experiences, quirks, and personalities. Because we put a lot of ourselves into our characters, it's easy to slip into writing them as extentions of ourselves - slapping a new face and name on and inserting ourselves into a story. The key to stopping this and keeping your characters creative and new is to keep them, well, different! It's important to have characters sometimes do things you would never do, say things you wouldn't say, speak in their own patterns, and follow hobbies that you don't have. It keeps you on your toes as a writer, and it's more interesting for you AND your readers.
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  2. It was a Thursday and it had started out just like any other day when Shisuo woke up. He laid in bed for a few moments staring up at the ceiling with tired half open eyes. Part of him had no desire to even move,"Why must my life be so boring and empty?" He said to himself. After letting out a long sigh he finally got up and got ready for work. He didn't want to leave his apartment but he unwilling forced himself to do just that.

    Once he arrived at work his boss yelled at him for being late which wasn't his fault and threatened to fire him. Shisuo simply ignored the noisy male and before he knew it he had stormed off. Time passed quickly and Shisuo was glad to get off work early. The only thing he actually looked forward to was visiting his girlfriend at her apartment.

    She had no idea that he would be visiting her because he wanted to surprise her. So once he was outside her apartment he used the key she gave him to let himself in. What he saw was a shock to him and he didn't know whether to feel angry or hurt. He had just walked in on her kissing another guy on the couch with her shirt off.

    She quickly got up from the couch and tried to muster up her best lie but her words fell on deaf ears. He was now enraged,'Are you going to let her get away with that?!'A voice said inside his mind.Shisuo grabbed his head,'I think you should snap her neck and put a bullet between his eyes!'Another voice inside said. He couldn't understand why but the voices that he used to hear had returned.

    Had he forgotten to take his medicine that morning,he couldn't have forgotten. His eyes widened in realization on his way to work it had actually slipped his mind. How irresponsible of him to forget something so important especially with other peoples safety is on the line. As he struggled to stay in control the voices in his head grew louder.

    The next thing he knew his hands were covered in blood,"No...not again...please not again!"He screamed in panic. He couldn't remember what had happened and he was afraid the worst had happened. He looked around him and blood was on the floor,the couch and his clothes. All he saw was two unrecognizable forms lying on the floor,"This can't be real! It isn't real! It's a nightmare...wake up Shisuo...wake up!!!"He screamed in denial.

    He fell to his knees struggling to find what was real and what wasn't in the situation. His breathing was fast and uneven as his heart raced from panic. He couldn't handle this so he looked around and found the large blood covered knife. He picked it up and looked at it,"I have to bring an end to keep other people safe."He said in a shaky voice. Holding the knife high he quickly brought it down stabbing it as deep into his abdomen as he could. It was painful but it had to be done,"You know it's hurts no more."He said before falling over and dying shortly after.

    (Note: That was the experience of a schizophrenic committing suicide after realizing he had lost control again and murdered this time.Last he lost control some guy ended up in critical condition in the hospital.)
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  3. It was a typical day in the flower shop. The shop that was Lola's domain in order to conceal her powers. The curly haired blonde was a wizard, and a nature based one at that. Her deep green robe symbolized it, but of course to regular people she was nothing more than a shy, yet happy young woman with a passion for life. So having a flower shop was the perfect cover. Her shop was like walking into a fairytale. Birds happily perched on the windowsills and there seemed to be a plant of every kind inside. Rumor had it that even a deer was in the store before. Children thought of her as a fairytale princess. In response, she'd merely blush and smile.

    This day was just like any other. Lola went about rearranging the flowers she created to make the shop look different each day. It was all going just as usual until two cops barged in. The atmosphere was immediately thrown off balance. Peace and serenity was traded for confusion and unease. "May I help you?" Lola get her voice steady, setting a pot of lilacs on a small table.

    "Are you Lola Page?"

    "Y-Yes sir, I am." Lola was a timid young woman. So it didn't take long for her to lose confidence under the man's strict gaze. The man's partner stepped forward calmly and gently taking Lola's hands to handcuff them.

    "We have a warrant for your arrest for harboring illegal weapons and," The first looked around before he continued. "And possibly drugs."

    Lola's eyes widened in shock and horror. "W-What on earth!? I'd never possess such things! Where did you e- even find that preposterous information?!"

    "We have witnesses stating that he heard the sound of explosions and took a picture when you walked out of your shop with what we recognized as grade A military weapons." Lola blinked in confusion, trying to recall why she'd ever have a weapon of any kind. But nothing came to mind. In fact, it was all ridiculous! Lola would never kill a soul. She even captured bugs and let them free somewhere else. "And coincidentally, we have news that a few weapons have mysteriously gone missing. And what's left behind? Cerbera Odollam. A rather poisonous plant."

    "You're being s-silly. I've n-never held used a weapon in my life." Her face was a bright red and she was on the verge of tears. "I don't even know where any military bases are!" The man smirked a bit and showed her the pictures that were taken. When she saw herself, a look of shock was replaced with the fear she originally had. It was her alright, though she noticed the black marks tattooing her arms and the darkened coloring of her normally bright green eyes.

    In an instant, vines sprouted from the side, grabbing the two cops and pinning them to the wall. One vine picked the lock of her handcuffs. "I'm so sorry..." Tears did start to form this time. Lola shook her head and started to move towards the back of the store. "I'm so so sorry." She repeated again. "B-But no one can know..."

    Lola flinched as the thorns grew and stabbed both men, injecting them with poisons. She never murdered anyone...Not till today. The wizard turned and ran to escape. No one could know. Lola didn't even want to know...

    No one could know of her dark side.
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