NEW! Character of the Month Spotlight!

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    Hey friends!

    Have you created a character that you're totally in love with?
    Do you want to take them out into the world and show them off?
    Does your character have depth and moves and isn't just pretty text on the screen?

    If your answer is yes, then your character might have what it takes to be the Character of the Month!

    The Character of the Month is a new spotlight competition for all you creators out there. You can submit your own character or nominate someone else's. The winner each month will be showcased in the monthly newsletter.

    Cammy, that sounds great! Where can I submit a character?

    Right HERE! <=click!
    But act fast! Submissions received after the 15th will have to wait until next month!

    But Cammy, how do I know if my character's right for this competition? Do I even have a shot?

    I'm glad you asked, because if you read now, we've thrown in FREE RULES!

    - Characters must have their own Bio/Character Sheet. The bio can be in an OOC thread, a Blog post, or a Challenge thread.

    - Characters are judged on the quality of writing, including descriptions, so 'picture only' descriptions won't cut it! Pictures should help, not substitute the writing.

    - Characters must be seen in action! You can link the RP your character is in or, if they're not in an RP, you can write a stand-alone piece for them.

    - Characters who do not win may be reworked and resubmitted. Resubmissions will ONLY be accepted if the character has been reworked!

    Good luck friends! See you in the newsletter!