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    {Noah Anders, 26, Employee at Seaside Booking}

    Noah stepped off the public bus, arriving at his office building. He took a deep breath, breathing in the chilly fall air, then pushed onwards to the building. During his short journey on the bus, Noah had noticed many dark, rain-threatening, clouds had begun to accumulate and that most the leaves had fallen early this fall. His mother had been insisting that winter would be early, and it started to look like she was right! Of course, he wouldn't admit that to her.

    After passing through the revolving doors, Noah made his way across the large foyer and stood in line for the elevators. It seemed this building never had enough elevators for all the employees. Looking back, Noah expected to see a few of his co-workers come in soon. They all seemed to arrive near the same time because their homes were all about the same distance, just in opposite directions. Noah let out a sigh as he waited.​
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  2. Lillith "Lilli" O'Hara (open)
    image.jpg Name:Lillith "Lilli" O'Hara, 25, Employee at Seaside Booking

    Today was already a bad day, she hadn't gotten a good night's rest cause of the 'fun' the couple next door was having and they were having that fun until at least four o'clock in the morning. Then right after that her tabby had become sick so she had to call her other next door neighbor to watch him while she was at work. And to top that off, no breakfast was eaten which also means...no coffee was consumed. Her red hair was a tangled mess and her bright green eyes were red with dark bags under them. Great, now she looked like crap and walking into the building worsened her mood. It was the oh-so angelic Noah who impregnated women just by looking at them.

    The play boy of the office, her sort of friend, and her definate mistake. Watching as the numbers counted down for the elevator no words were exchanged, she hadn't said anything and hadn't wanted to say anything. Sneezing lightly she rubbed her arms and yawned quietly, she had forgotten her coat and now it was freezing. Great the day just hated her right off the back before she could even get started with her job. Sighing softly since the elevator seemed to be taking forever she bit her lip and looked down at the floor trying to make sure that no conversation started. Once the doors opened and a slight ding was heard Lillith made her way into the elevator and crossed her arms over her chest trying to warm herself up.

  3. Noah smiled immediately when he saw Lilith enter the building. He started to wave at her and say good morning, but stopped when he noticed she looked worse for the ware. Her hair was a mess, she was dressed properly for the current weather, and not to mention she looked exhausted! Maybe it would be better not to say anything... Noah thought, looking back to the elevator. She wasn't one to just casually talk to him, either. Though he talked to her all the time. At that moment the ding from the elevator alerted everyone that the line would now be moving, and hopefully he would make it into the elevator.

    At last, Noah was able to squeeze into the crowded elevator, along with just one other person, Lilith, before the doors closed. Looking down at Lilith, Noah at last ventured to speak. "Morning. How'd you sleep?" Though he meant it as a question that would hopefully bring an explanation, Noah's tone seemed to drip with sarcasm. He was sure she wouldn't come back with a quick-witted response with all these people listening...right?​
  4. "I slept like a fucking goddess...what does it look like to you" she snapped back sighing as she seemed to catch the attention of everyone on the elevator. Why was he even speaking to her, he knows the drill...they don't talk unless they get out together. Plus she still--No Lillith you promised yourself, self help before you worry about bringing another guy into your life. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to snap" she said cleaning her throat with a soft sigh. "I had a crappy night and a crappy morning...that's it"

    Their conversation seemed to end as the elevators doors swing open and gave her relief. Being with that many people bugged her, and made her anxious at the same time. She turned giving him a small smile then headed to her office with her bag hoisted up on her shoulder. Once she got to her office the first thing she needed to do, was get a brush through her hair and at least some makeup on so that she hadn't looked dead inside. Opening the door quickly she shut it and walked over to her desk sitting down in the most comfortable chair in the world as she called it and got to work on her appearance. She was a business woman, and business women don't look like they just got bit by a zombie.
  5. Noah blinked a couple of times after she snapped at him. Well, he hoped she wouldn't react like that. I guess it was a stupid question. She probably isn't ready for jokes so early...He thought, glancing up at the floor number indicator. Not much longer till he would have to have a reason to talk to her. Noah opened his mouth to apologize, hoping to be on good terms today, but quickly shut it when Lilith spoke again. His raised his eyebrows at her words. She was apologizing to him? She must've had a bad night!

    The elevator rung and the doors opened, allowing he, Lilith, and a few others onto the 23rd floor. Before Noah could even speak, Lilith gave him a brief smile then marched off to her office. He was left standing in the middle of the walkway, staring at nothing. "That didn't turn out how I expected." He mumbled, eventually turning and walking to his cubicle in the office. ​
  6. She hated it, she hated that they had the same job...she hated that she still cherished him as a friend. But of course that friendship was a little shaken up. Then again any friendship with her was shaken up. Sighing softly Lillith brushed out her light red hair then tried to touch up the ugly on her face with a bit of foundation to cover up the bags and eye liner to make her bright green eyes pop. "You can't look like crap in front of a Client" she mumbled then stood up straightening out her skirt then pulled down her black sheer shirt with lace sleeves.

    Getting dressed was just a task for her so walking here was definitely out of the way. And since there are no coffee shops around this area no coffee was achieved either. Sitting back down in her seat she laid her head in the keyboard nodding off before she quickly lifted her head trying to decipher what she had to do today. But of course her eye lids still ended up together as she dozed off snoring softly.
  7. An hour or two passed by as Noah played around at his cubicle, rarely getting anything done. He was definitely not the most efficient person for this job, but he did just enough to keep his position. His seniors complained about his lack of progress, yet he made up for it often with a bright attitude and a lot of sucking up to his seniors. That's why I didn't finish this yesterday... Noah thought, tapping his pencil on the desk while he scrolled through his work.

    After piling a stack of papers, Noah made his way over to Lilith. However, as he approached Lilith, Noah found her resting her eyes. He hesitated, just staring at her for a few minutes, before slamming down the papers on her desk. "How's work going?" He asked with a wide, mischievous smile.
  8. Bouncing up with excitement mixed with the fear of that being her boss. She sighed seeing Noah there looking at her with a stupid smile on his face. "I'm probably getting more done than you did yesterday" she quipped back looking down at the papers that he had just put on her desk. "What are these, you're not making me do your work for you are you...I'm sorry but you don't kiss up enough" Lillith rolled her eyes and flipped through the papers taking a skim on each page. That asshole, he had seen her taking a nap and still decided to harrass her.

    Looking up at the time Lillith sighed once more noticing that she had a meeting to get to, right about now. "Come on explain these papers later...big meeting we have to get to and I'm pretty sure that the Seniors aren't going to allow you to kiss ass out of this one..." There was a new larger layout of land that they were trying to buy in Europe and their boss is trying to find out who he's going to send to push the deal along.
  9. Noah laughed lightly when she jumped up. He put his hand on her desk and rested on it, raising an eyebrow at her comment on his efficiency. Following her gaze to the papers Noah smirked then patted them. "Nah, it's just some info that I brought together about the location of the new hotel." He interrupted her. However, he still heard her last comment, making him smile again. "I only suck up to people that could benifite me. Plus, your not my type. I like pretty girls." He answered, honestly joking, but not expressing his humor. Noah reached out and put a strand of red hair back into place on her head before turning to leave with her.

    "I've never skipped a meeting unless I have a good reason." He said sarcastically. "Plus, if they choose to send me that'll mean I get to go to Europe." Noah added, shoving his hands in his pockets as he walked to the meeting with her. "Maybe you could join me." He joked, nudging her shoulder.
  10. "I thought you were only into pretty girls, Why would you want me to go on a trip with you if I'm not pretty enough" Lillith said rolling her eyes as she walked to the elevator and pressed the floor that the conference room was on. She wanted to hate him honestly, he had broken her heart. What girl wouldn't want to hate the person who did that, and then just played it off like it was nothing. Sighing at her internal conflict she held the elevator for him and waited for him to get in with her. "Plus I think if they allow you to go, you'll be to busy flirting with the European girls and wouldn't get what you're supposed to get done"

    Lillith crossed her arms over her chest and thought about the whole scenario. Him of all people, in Europe, just kiss that new hotel goodby. But she would have loved to get the opprituinity to go, of course she would balance out work and fun. Since they were partners in their work, if she went he went, but hopefully neither of them would get picked to go because she didn't know if she could handle that.
  11. Noah chuckled at her comment, as he stepped onto the elevator. "Well, we are friends and work partners. We could have fun anyways! Plus, I've never actually seen you loosen I don't think." He said, staring forward as he waited to arrive at the floor. He could see a rough reflection of the two from the elevator doors and chuckled. That would be a funny sight to see the two wondering Europe together. He hadn't really thought about the fact she probably would make him work the majority of the time, which would defeat the purpose of him wanting to go. "Yeah, never mind. You can stay." He said, not hearing her previous statement.

    The elevator stopped on a floor just before the meeting floor and opened up to let two other people in. One of them happened to be another good friend of both Noah and Lilith, Sarah. "Good Morning! I didn't see you at the office so I assumed you two were going to be late." She said, going to give Lilith a hug.​
  12. Lillith heard his last comment and rolled her eyes crossing her arms over her chest. "Oh really, just because you've never seen me have fun doesn't mean I can't, it just means you haven't seems have fun" she said through gritted teeth as her eyes shifted to him. No one else could get under her skin like he did, and it was like he knew what to do and everything to say. But her attention was altered as she heard the voice of Sarah and a small smile formed on her lips. "Good Morning! I didn't see you at the office so I assumed you two were going to be late" she said that as she came over searching for a hug that Lillith gladly returned.

    "No I just had a horrible night so I had to try to fix this ugly mugger with some makeup, you know since I'm not a pretty enough girl" she chuckled looked at Noah with another roll of her eyes. "Have you seen Leo though, I have yet to hear his loud voice enter my office and he does come to harass me before work starts" They were all a huge group of friends, Leo was closer to Noah though like Sarah was closer to her...but either way they had had been friends since college.
  13. Noah laughed at her statement, but didn't reply because of Sarah's appearance. "Good Morning." He said shortly. Noah stepped to the corner of the elevator, out of the girls way, and listened to them chat. It was a funny sight, really. Girls conversations always made him laugh for some reason.

    Sarah nodded understandingly when she stated her need for make up this morning, but was caught off guard when she wasn't pretty enough. "Not pretty enough? Whatever. Who ever told you that is lying through their teeth!" She said, laughing lightly. "Leo? Actually, no I haven't seen him. Maybe he got drunk and is laying somewhere on the streets." She wondered aloud, giving Lilith a half smile to show that she was just joking. ​
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