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  1. Hey guys and gals of RPA!

    I was wondering if anyone would like to do a New Avengers Roleplay, this roleplay will involve a recruitment of a new bread of super heroes. They can be newcomers or even children of previous heroes, ages will range from 16-25. I don't really have a huge plot laid out right now, this is more of just a recruitment process. As well as it will be a small group, possibly from four to six people. You maybe as many people as you would like, and once I have gotten at least three people interested I will start planning out the real thing. If anyone has any suggestions they are free to share it with me as I enjoy sandbox rps.

    For my character I am going to play the daughter of Thor and Jane Foster.

    That is all for now I look forward to hearing from potential rpers.
  2. I'd like to join! :)

    i'll be a newcomer hero

    no sorry, but I will join.
  3. I wouldn't know if you'd be interested in having a teenager in your Roleplay but I would love to do this. I have had an idea like this before on a different site. So I might be able to give ideas.
  4. I'm cool with having a teenager, I'm not intending to have any real mature content in this RP. Think of it as a pg movie.
  5. Alright, sorry I always say that if the user is not a teenager.
  6. Ah no worries!

    All are welcome.
  7. Yes! I am interested! As for plot, maybe we could do something based off the Imperfects invasion on New York? It's from this video game; Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.
  8. Hmm, never played it.
  9. I've never played it either
  10. Oh and @Chello may I make the daughter of Captian America I can also make a male if you'd like!

    I also have an idea about the roleplay, Stark tower has been renovated into a school and training facility for shield. Tony of course still owns it and lives there on one of the upper floors. There is a threat of some kind and a new age of the avengers must stop the force.
  11. @Meggie of course you may.

    And your idea I like it!

    @GirlGerms So it's kinda like the first Avengers movie in a way, I think we will go with something similar, perhaps a new breed of Chituri come to earth to seek revenge on the new generation which has some of the children of the older Avengers.
  12. @Chello how many children will each character have because I have a list from where I made something similar to this on a site called figment
  13. I am going to say two as we don't want overcrowding.

    I am making up the IC as we speak.
  14. So a male and female each? @Chello
  15. Doesn't have to be, can be female and female, male or male. etc..
  16. @Chello alright I was thinking it would be better if we had an even amount of males and females so there aren't to many of either tender
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