New Assassin coming threw

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  1. Hey there. I am Hiroki. Your friendly Assassin buddy. I am honored to be in such a wonderful place such as Iwaku.

    Now do not fear me. I do not Intend to harm any of you. I am simply at your assistance.

    My age is 18 And my roleplay interests are of wide variety. I am not judging you because of your writing skills or what you are interested in. I like all type of Roleplay so that is good.

    This is not my first time Roleplaying. Trust me. I have role played for many years. I am not a excellent speller so if you misspell something I won't jump down your throat.

    The song that is stuck in my head is the new song by Maroon 5 called Animals.

    I am out of things to say so if anyone is interested in being friends let me know.
  2. Yay! I am glad you're not scary Mister Hiroki! Welcome to the community!<3
  3. THANK YOU! Here take this cookie.
  4. Hurray, cookie! ^o^
  5. ((Hello and nice to meet you my anmes jill I have 3 characters I rp as *holds out hand* OuO))
  6. *Shakes hand and smiles* Hey there!
  7. ((hope to rp sometime))
  8. Same here.