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  1. Hello, hellur.
    I'm somewhat of an artist, so I decided to put my creativity to good use. I'll make character portraits for free~ My style is sort of anime-ish and/or semi-realistic. Some of my works include:


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  2. Oo! I'll totally take you up on this. Do you have anything specific you need to know about the character? Or just a reference picture or description?
  3. Your art is pretty! I like your style!
    Would you drawthis guy?
  4. Your artwork is gorgeous! (Oo)w(oO) Could you do one of my character?
  5. WOW - gorgeous!! I love your art style!
    Can you draw one of a Slavic girl character for me? I would really appreciate it!
    She would have:
    -Long, thick strawberry blonde hair
    -Teal-green eyes
    -Pale skin
    -Eyebrow piercing

    And a Hispanic guy character as well?
    He would have:
    -Black hair
    -Big black eyes with thick black eyebrows
    -Mocha-colored skin
    -Thick lips :)

    And maybe draw them together? If you prefer. Because they're in love in the storyline. :)
  6. Hello! I've been looking for help in a project and you might be interested. Would you like to try?

    I'll leave the Link to the thread where you can see more of what i'm looking for, and you're invited to join me in this challenge! Thank you for your time!

    ART REQUEST - Wonders of a Nascent World - Sardonya needs help!

    Would you like me to add something to the request? Send me a PM in any case so we can all improve.