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  1. Hello! My name is Svest (Or Kismet if you'd prefer my real name.) I'm not really sure where to start... I've really missed roleplaying, groups and 1x1's. I think right now I would prefer a 1x1, though. Just so I can dust off my keyboard a bit before jumping into something else.

    Now let's see, what kind of roleplays am I into... I prefer fantasy/romances. I have a few story ideas from gaia, if anyone is interested.

    • Any Species + Duchess

    • A young girl has found herself at the center of an assassination plot, a duchess to be exact.
      Fearing for her life, her father sends her off into hiding, hiring her an array of bodyguards, one in
      particular to be her personal guard, to be by her side 24/7. (This one has a lot of room for

    • Angel Princess + Evil Prince
      The angelic princess is finally of age to marry, and decides she wants to find a man who loves
      her. Given five years to find a suitable husband, the princess sets out and starts searching.
      But every town she comes across holds men who all know who she is, who all worship and
      bow before her. The princess decides to expand her search, and finally comes across a town
      filled with people who not only don't know who she is, have never seen an angel before. But
      these people all hold darkness in their hearts, all creatures of shadows. Vampires, demons,
      incubuses, and more. The Prince of these lands, who is a cruel and evil man, falls in love with
      the angel. Not knowing who she is, he has his men kidnap her. But after many years, when
      rumors begin circling the town, the prince finally begins to piece together who his angel slave
      is, and his desperation to keep her hidden begins to take hold.
    Obviously, these aren't the only plots I have in mind, however, I wouldn't mind doing one of these. This is just the genre I'm into most of all. If something strikes your fancy, please let me know.
  2. I would really love to do a 1x1. I'm up for most any kind. I'm pretty comfortable doing sexual scenes, although I've never done one before. If you're interested, or have some ideas you'd like to try out, message me. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.