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  1. Hello! Apparently I used to roleplay on here way back when, but I don't remember it too much. Anyway, I've decided to start roleplaying some again and this was the first site I ran into. Time to find some partners! :D

    What you should know~
    1. I'd rather have someone with horrible writing skills than someone who has to constantly correct mine. Sometimes being corrected is okay, but when I type something like porato instead of potato I don't need to be told how to spell potato. Use some common sense, typos happen!
    2. I'm more likely to reply fast if we chat, simply because I'll be like 'Oh, there's X. They're cool, I better not keep them waiting!' You know?
    3. If I have not responded to you, that does NOT automatically mean I don't want to roleplay with you. What probably happened is I was reading your response, something came up, I closed the tab, and now there's no pop up telling me it's my turn. Thus I assume I'm waiting on you. If you think something like this has happened, just message me! ;D
    4. I am capable of playing either gender, although I'm much more likely to say okay to playing the guy if I at least have some roleplays going on where I am playing a girl. I'm also more likely to play the male if I get to pick what role I play.
    5. I will always do multiples of a plot. Always. So don't be afraid to ask!

    Plots and Pairings~
    (Note, my plots and pairings do not change much. So if you see one that you think you recognize -that's not something everyone uses-, you probably do)

    *NEW* Prince x Commoner and Prince x Princess *NEW* ~
    It starts off with a group of four friends, all fairly young. There is a prince, a boy who once was a prince before his kingdom was destroyed and his parents sent him away to safety, a princess, and just a normal girl. The prince and normal girl, as well as the princess and the old prince, fall in love. They begin to date. Then one day, out of the blue, the current prince and princess suddenly toss the two others aside like dirt, due to their lower class. The royal members flee off to their respected kingdoms without so much as a goodbye. The old prince will not take this lying down, however. He decides he is going to run after the princess and prove to her that he is what she really wants. Being completely alone nowadays, who will stop him? The only person who might is the commoner, and when she happens to find out just what the old prince is up to, she decides that she is going to come with him so that she can get her prince! The two run off with each other, foolishly taking nothing but the clothes on their backs. The next few years are rough. When they do finally get close to what should be the end of their journey, there should only be a few details left to figure out, like exactly how to face their royal crushes without being escorted out. However, that's no longer the main concern. By this point, a crush has developed between the two runaway. They are no longer sure that this crazy fairytale is what they really want.

    This roleplay can be played with the Prince x Princess couple barely even being mentioned, or being played out just like the Prince x Commoner. It's up to the other roleplayer.

    Playboy x First Crush ~
    It all started back in grade school. He was one of the most popular guys in school, she was one of the geekiest. He made fun of her, which -surprisingly- did not phase her. Her smile didn't even waver for a moment. Which made it so much harder for him to get over his huge crush. Eventually, they graduated, and parted ways. This should be the end of their tale, except the young man at some point decided to go from being super popular in school to being super popular with the women. This has, unbeknownst to him or her, sent the two down the path of eventual happily ever after. Being a player may not have been a good life choice, but sometimes you have to screw up your life a bit just so it can go the way it's supposed to, and you can reach that happy ending.

    Killer x Near Victim ~
    What can they say? They were a coward. Back in the good old days, when they were still considered to be an innocent person, _____ had it all, a significant other, friends, family, everything a person could ever want. Except they didn't, not really. What _____ had the unfortunate experience of learning the hard way was that they really didn't have any friends. _____ ran with a gang of sorts. The people ____ hung out with weren't the best of people. _____ learned this the hard way, when one day an innocent encounter with their friends and their significant other turned deadly, and _____ was forced to choose, life or love. _____ chose life, a decision they've always regretted... and their significant other has always wanted revenge over, because they somehow lived. Their life has been nothing but awful since that day, never again being allowed to go by their own name. They've gone a bit crazy from the other's actions, and so has _____. The regret has eaten _____ alive. So, when the two finally meet again, believing their meeting is only with a lookalike of the real person, but being too insane to care, the two get into a war of phsycological insanity, with _____ trying to protect their love like they failed to previously, and their love trying to get the revenge that they've always wanted.

    Fictional Character x Real Person ~
    (Details for this will be explained upon finding out if you want a book character, movie character, anime/otome character, or other. No real names though, please. Just a catagory. I'd prefer all characters be original ;D )

    Fairy x Vampire ~
    In this unique vampire tale, the way vampires work is a bit different. Yes, they still drink blood and stuff, however all vampires prefer the blood of a fairy to that of a human. Not only that, but their blood and wings have special properties that make them quite useful to any sort of living creature. In this world there are groups of fairy hunters, vampires who spot out and capture fairies for their benefits. There are two types of vampire hunters. Those who snatch fairy after fairy and drain them of life, and those who instead just hold them captive, take a bit of blood from them every now and then, and whenever the fairy's wings are fully grown, rip them out of their backs. _____ is a new fairy hunter. This will be their very first catch, and if they choose, kill. After detecting their first fairy, _____ heads forward. However, the fairy is hurt. For some reason, this guilt trips _____ and they take the fairy home, to care for them. They plan to just treat this is a kidnapping... but... as time goes on, that becomes less and less easy.

    Pirate OR Pirate Captain x Person ~
    A landlubber somehow finds herself stuck aboard a ship of pirates. Totally accidental. However, the pirates seem nice enough. As long as she is willing to lend a helping hand, the pirates are glad to have her there. One pirate in particular, her roommate, seems to enjoy her stay quite a lot. When she gets sick, deadly sick, the pirates seem to be rushing to find a cure. How sweet! One night, as the sickly female is peacefully asleep in her roommates bed, a rival pirate crew boards the ship - looking for treasure. When the pirate captain happens to find a sleeping female, he considers it a happy bonus. He takes her with them. When the female wakes up next, and sees little but an unfamiliar devilish smile, she thinks she is done for. However, much to her surprise, this rival crew has the cure she has been needing. What's more, the captain actually doesn't seem to be a bad guy. In fact, according to his story it was the crew she was with before that is evil. They tried to give her to the captain in exchange for cash! The next couple of years she spends forgetting her previous cabin mates and bonding with her new ones. What will happened, however, when the two ships reunite? Who was lying, and who was telling the truth? And who is the females one true love, the pirate or the pirate captain?

    If the title is in italics that means I don't want to switch genders around. (Like on the last one, I don't want the captain and pirate to be female and the other person to be male)

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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  2. The Play Boy/First Crush sounds fun! We can do that together if you'd like. c:
  3. Yay! ^^ So where do you prefer to roleplay (forums vs. pm) and do you have any preferances character sheet wise or who goes first?
  4. I'm fine with wherever we roleplay and whatever we use for a character sheet. I would prefer if you started first, however. It is your RP idea after all. ^^
  5. I'm also interested in the play boy/ first crush! I really like the idea and I had one similar to it if you're still interested! :D
  6. I like the Fictional Character X Real Person!! I wouldn't mind doing this one with you ^-^ I've never done a roleplay like this, soooo *major excitement* >~<
  7. I'm interested in the Playboy x First Crush one =^.^=
  8. the fairy vampire plot sounds cool to me!
  9. I like the playboyXfirstcrush and a lot of people have asked but you said you do multiples plus that just means you have experience :D
  10. Hello!

    I'm interested in the Princess x Prince one and the Player x First crush and the Real person x Fictional person :D
  11. I'm interested in the pirate x person! Would it be alright if I played the girl?
  12. The Killer x Near Victim sounds interesting. I'd like to try it, if this is still open. ^^
  13. If you're still accepting, I'd love to do the vampire x fairy one :3