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  1. A storybook takes you far away into mythical lands and realms filled with magic, beauty and the occasional monster. These books are said to be for children, those with young minds that need to be filled with the grandeur of other worlds. Not 19 year old girls who should be spending their days trying to get their lives together so they can find a good husband, get married and raise a family. They should not have their heads in the clouds thinking of swashbuckling pirates who are afraid of tick-tocking alligators and Lost Boys who only want a mother figure to watch over them.

    Peter Pan went back to London with Wendy and grew up with her after leaving Neverland. The couple fell in love and got married after both graduated from college. Peter quickly excelled in his job at an ad company and quickly was promoted through the ranks while Wendy was a teacher at the local school. The two began a family, three kids in all, one girl and two little boys. The family was mostly happy throughout the years but as time went on Peter became more invested in his job and rising through the ranks than he was invested in spending time with his family. Once a brilliant, spunky, rebellious little boy, he had now turned into a cold, hard, wealth oriented man.

    Lilian Pan, the only daughter of Peter and Wendy, had grown up hearing the stories her mother told about the this mysterious Neverland. Her mother had described it as so lifelike that her daughter was convinced that this place had to be real. Lily was so enraptured by these stories she had to find out where Neverland was. This is her story.


    So, hopefully that caught your attention. I have been dying to do something with Peter Pan for ages now and have finally thought up a good plot. I will be playing Lilian Pan and I need someone to play opposite me. I was thinking that she could meet one of the Lost Boys, possibly a new one who will be around her age and he will help her find Neverland to see what it's like. It would then be a story of how she plans to get her father to see the light and stop working so hard so that he has time for his family again.

    I know that it may be a little rough but with the right person I feel like this play could really take off and be something spectacular! Thank you for reading.

    If you would like to be my Lost Boy please send me a PM or let me know down below. Lately I have been a bit pickier and would like players who feel like they may be advanced or up. 2 or more well written paragraphs depending on how inspired you are is fine with me. I know that sometimes when there is dialogue it's hard to write a lot because it's just a conversation.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.