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  1. What is one thing that you'll never do?

  2. I will never ever get my nails done. Feck that shit. >:[
  3. I'm never going to go sailing around the world...
  4. I am NEVER sky diving. That scares the shizzle out of me.
  5. I'll never....Eat a mushroom. Yeah.
  6. drink tequila....seriously.....fuck that shit.
  7. Id never go down that nearly vertical slide at a few American waterparks. You know, where you go nearly 90 degrees straight down.

    Never do it.

    Nor would I do it in the nude.
  8. Drink tequila... Spoon in prison...

    Sorry guys I have to go back to therapy...
  9. I would never smoke pot.

    I live in California you'd expect me to give in after all the offers but no thank you, I got friends who do that and I don't wanna be anything like those idiots. Nothing against pot smokers, I've just seen it first hand.
  10. I don't think I'll ever get married.
  11. There's a lot of things I'd be tempted to say about that I'd never do them, because I just don't see them being done by me right now. I don't like burning bridges though, and like to keep my options open should I one day change my mind.

    So aside from the stuff very little people would do. ("would you jump of a building? Would you rape someone?") I don't have anything I can positively say off that I would NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE do it.
  12. I would never refuse a free meal.
  13. I wouldn't miss a chance to do some bad shit and never get found out.