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    You just wanted to get away for a while. To explore, party, get drunk, get high, have a little fun. The colors, the lights, the music, the food, and everyone just seemed so free. So what did you do before the chaos started? What was your family like? Did they drive you away? Were you some sort of dealer? Or were happy and rich and need a lay off? Whatever your story was, did it matter really now?

    What exactly were you going to do? Are you going to run and hide, keeping cover til rescue came? Or fight back and help other survivors? Or will you just do your own thing, killing here and there, not even giving a damn who lives or dies? Was the rest of the world turning into... this? Does it even matter at this point? Meh... Do you, right?

    Blood staining the streets. Men and women dying left and right and what? Coming back to life? Yet they weren't the same, they looked dead. Not to mention they were eating... people. No, the dead people, they'd eat the people who seemed to be alive. Everywhere you ran there were bloody screams and cries, people falling from buildings, even children weren't surviving.

    How did this start?

    You were at your hotel, right? There was a beach party happening, almost hitting midnight. Balloons flying, music flowing, people dancing til the end, living their youth. And faster forward, you were all sitting together in a lowly guarded lifeguard tower, with some jack-asses who had also most likely killed some of those people eating things, thinking of some elaborate to get the hell off this island. Or you know... survive and have a free for all.

    It's your choice.


    [P.S If you're reading this and intrested, I'm letting you know now, I bet this OOC is total sit along with the description and I'm and tired and a complete mess. I'll most likely post my CS tommorow cause I'm not really giving a damn at this moment. This decription with pics isnt even how I wanted it to look so you know.... Bon Voyage.]


    1. I am the GM but I'm not entirely strict. I'm actually really laid back, but don't be an ass.
    2.Basic/Usual Iwaku rules
    3. Don't be god-modding. That's boring and ruins the fun for everyone.
    4. Use real pictures when setting up your bio
    5. Put some effort in your characters, get creative.
    6. You cannot post until I accept your character.
    7. Grammar. You don't have to be perfect, but at least make it readable.
    8. Fade to black if things get freaky with other characters.
    9. Cursing is cool, just know when to use it and don't over use it.
    10. Wanna be your own lover that's cool too just don't let it become...annoying.
    11. Have fun. Don't be you, again, an ass.

    Character Sheet
    [You can only have up to three characters]

    Physical Description:
    Age: (You don't have to put a birth date/year if you don't wanna.)

    History (What made them go on vacation):
    Health issues?:
    Perks (What are they best at to survive? Pick at least three-five):
    Flaws (What's they deal? Do they have weak upper strength or are they just naturally loud? Flaws are fun to me.):

    [Your character might develop over time, so this doesn't have to be the official]
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  2. Hi, this looks like an interesting roleplay, but I have a quick question. Do our characters have to be 18+ in age, or can they be teenagers (like somewhere around 15-ish)?
    Either way is fine with me, I was just curious.
  3. Yes. Character has to be 18 and up.
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