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  2. When will the superhero craze fade?

    Punisher is totes badass tho.
  3. Superheros are to the 2010s what wizard's and vampires were to the 2000s. Now you're either a superhero or a space cadet (Star Wars, Star Trek, Guardians etc...).

    Personally, after loathing the vampires and wizards craze of the 2000s, I am both a vigilante and space boy!
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  4. Hopefully they give Punisher a proper ending/tie in to Daredevil. I'd hate to see such a good character get milked until his utter falls off.

    As for the 2000's to 2010's thing? I was fine with the Vampire craze until it turned into Twilight, and am still a fan of the Wizard deal.
    But I am also a Super Hero and Space Boy as well. :3

  5. other words the vast majority of the 2000s. Yeah, like I said, it sucked.
  6. I'm pretty excited for this!
  7. Daredevil Season 2 is essentially Punisher Season 1. So....we're getting even more character establishment in its first year?
  8. Mr Gibs is gonna be so excited. O_O
  9. I personally would've preferred a movie over a season.

    I love the Punisher, and no doubt he got all his character development to lead him on the path of becoming the Punisher we've known since the comics. But there's only so much you can do with him. With the Punisher it can quickly become the same shit over and over.

    I am looking forward to it though I'd prefer a movie.
  10. I disagree with the movie sentiment. All the movies have failed in properly potraying him and the world he is in mentally and otherwise. The DD potrayal was the best ever we seen Punisher. It as a format is the only way I feel we can get the depth of the pure anguish and rage that is Punisher. But I feel this season should be one and done.
  11. Granted John Bernthall Punisher is THE definitive Punisher and the best, but Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson did both amazing Punishers, it was just that they both were in completely ass-fucked movies(Okay, War Zone was at least a fun action romp). A movie can easily be done right with The Punisher, I just feel that a whole season for Punisher will include needless filler(I could be wrong, sue me) in which a movie could easily cut down the meaningless fat. I can definitely agree that one Season should be enough for The Punisher.
  12. I like the idea of TV vs. Movie as well. A TV series allows us to "stew" along with him, to see his deteriorating mental state, as it were. It allows us to watch his rage build, and we can grow in strategy and tactics with Frank. We'll see him develop the Battle Van, put together his tactical gear to what we all know and love from his amazing covers. We'll see him become an effective, one-man fighting force-- not that we haven't before, but he was so haphazard and almost random in what we saw in Daredevil.

    Now, we get to see methodical. It's gonna be sick.

    And while yes, it is a craze that's just gross-ified more by the money-hungry Studio heads in Hollywood, we're at least getting really good stories and awesome movies. If anything, we're getting visual spectacle that's actually really good. The vampire/werewolf craze was driven by a lot of teenieboppers (IMO), and I hardly remember but two stories: Underworld, and Twilight. And only the first Underworld movie was decent. Everything else was crap, crap, and crap. These superhero movies? You can fill your fingers and toes with awesome titles (granted, you can do the same with awful ones), but at least the good ones stand out on their own merits and not just as a "superhero" flick. A few that come to mind? Blade, Winter Soldier, Dredd.
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