Nervous as All Hell

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  1. I've got a job interview tomorrow afternoon (2 pm est)


    Is it too much to get you guys (and girls as well) to post some funny images to help calm me down?
  2. [​IMG]

    Perhaps some liquid courage would do the trick
  3. Sorry, learned from a friend to NOT drink the day before...well that and I don't drink anyway....

    And that doesn't help either....points for effort though
  4. Confidence is key. Walk into that interview with your head held high, like you own the place. Eye contact! Smile! You'll conquer that interview!

    Also, this made me laugh. lol Pug factory.
  5. Good Luck. :) (open)

  6. Well, interview's well over and done I've got to wait 'til Friday to find out if I'll be hired....

    *Sits in corner, chewing on a random item he found on the floor*
  7. We shall keep our hopes up here for you! ^^
    You have given your best, and that is all you can ask of yourself in the end! <3