Nerd Shoes

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  1. Still prefer combat boots.
  2. Those are pretty cool.

    When I saw the title of the thread,I was thinking more along the lines of this.

    Carnage Dunks!

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  3. Yep definitely a nerd Rory XD

    Octo I think those are better haha.

    Been too lazy/cheap to make me some new stuff though. D: I have a zazzle shop!
  5. Do eet Diana, the new generation needs Moonwings Iwaku panties!
  6. This. Boots make me feel good all over, and I don't need to give a shit when walking on squishy mud or shallow water with these bad boys.
  7. Yes, but I wear the whole fucking uniform.
  8. I prefer Jump Boots, myself. But then everyone asks were did I get the awesome Goth boots. Stupid goths.