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  1. Star Year 1943, Neptus IV

    Welcome to the shit that is planet Neptus IV the prison planet covered in thick jungle islands. This is where the empire drops off their criminals, rebels and other people they don't want.

    Today however a young person has just been left here for no reason. They awoke on route to Neptus IV and couldn't do anything when they were sent off the ship with the convicts. Amon the convicts was the Demonic creature and son of Cthulhu Mythos, without his powers he is just a immortal squid man. Framed for a crime he didn't commit he and his new partner must work together to survive and escape Neptus IV or die trying.

    Name: Mythos Fhtagn
    Age: Eternal
    Gender: Male

    History: The only son of Cthulhu he was born not long after and wander the stars for many years until he ended up getting framed by another elder god. Now with his powers sealed by the limiters in place on the planet he must fight every day alongside his new partner for their freedom. The tales of his crimes are wide and known, he destroyed earth with his gang, flooded mars, set the moon ablaze and countless others but he didn't do the henious crime that he has been accused of.
    Skills: His Powers (Dormant), His Tentacles, Far Sight, Marital Arts, Breathing Underwater, Size shifting Human Size- Whale Size
  2. Name: Adamira "scrappy" Jones
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    History: She was born in a washed up space town full of sell outs and shitty convicts. She snuck on a cargo ship when she was a teenager and got the hell out, and has been living as a gypsy ever since. She lives by offering a hand as body guard or mechanic for shipping crews. She was inbetween jobs and running out of money when her wold went black, and the next thing she knew she was on a cargo ship set for a prison, only this time she was the cargo.
    Now she is trying to find a way out with a squid man who claims he is innocent, not that it matters to her.
    Skills:Good aim, amazing with knives, can fix just about anything to do with ships, observant
  3. ----START---

    I sigh and pick a fish off the fire that is in front of me, I pass it to the girl aside from me. She'd been dropped off the ship maybe a week ago. I'd been the first one to reach her and brought her to my hideout an old 88 type gun from earth. I've no clue in hell how it got here but I don't really care about that.

    It works out well enough it's got gun after gun on boxes, tables & Shelves. "Here Ada." I call out the nickname I'd given her when we'd first met and greeted one another. "It's hot so take it slow when you bite into it." I say and then turn back towards the shop, I'm working my ass off to fix a a piece of something. Which should in theory allow me to access my powers for a limited time. It's nearly done I'm just trying to fix one last part. I've had Ada looking at a low orbital ship that is crashed into the side of the mountain the 88's on.
  4. She sighs. "Yes, thank you almighty god for teaching me the secrets of eating." She said sarcastically, blowing on the fish. "Thanks though." She mumbles, meaning it that time. She sighed, taking a bite and burning her mouth a little, though she refused to show it and prove herself a child. She glanced at her companion, then at the thing he was building. "How close are you?" She asks, taking another bite, not burning herself as she had done the last time. She was trying to work on a ship in order to get them out of here, but she has limited parts and has been struggling t find the necessary pieces without venturing too far out, there by putting herself in danger.
  5. "I've almost got it, just need to fit this in her-" I'm cut off as I snaps together and makes a loud crack then bang. "Got it." I say then we hear it over the area speakers. "All convicts in area X-44 are to report to the mines for your daily shift. Failing to comply shall result in death/punishment." I sigh and glance over at her.

    "Alright, well since they can't kill me they'll kill you. Right now it's in both our favors if you live so let's go." I walk over and wrap a limb or two from my beard around her then spread my wings and fly up an opening in the roof.

    The world looks grand and aged, if it was an eternal hell hole of pain and suffering for men and women I wouldn't mind settling down here. Of course my powers are another thing. Though I've got the device in my pocket now.

    As we near the mine I look down at Ada to make sure she's still at the end of my beard. "Hey Ada, what else do you need to fix that Shrimp?" I ask mentioning the ships class. Shrimp class ships are small two men ships. With five rooms. Piloting room, bed area, bathroom, kitchen & storage. They are about the size of an average trailer home.
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