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(Please note, that if this is in the wrong section, please feel free to move it. Since this is the help section, I thought it would go here, yet it is a mechanics thing, sooo...)

So on a different site, A friend and I have decided to work on a Hyperdimension Neptunia-based RP together.

We have our general plot worked out, However, we are wondering how, or even if we should incorporate shares into our RP.
To those of you that don't know, Shares in Hyperdimension Neptunia basically say how much power that A CPU (the goddesses of the HDN universe) have.

If Vay, Diana, Minibit, and Dawn (Sorry for using you as examples... hehe.) were goddesses in this world, and had the same experience at fighting, and Vay had 30% of the shares, Diana had 18% of the shares, Minibit had 42%, and Dawn had 10%, if there was no teaming, Minibit would likely come out the victor, as she has the most shares, and thus, the most strength.

They are affected by the belief in the goddesses by the people. Ingame, they are changed by quests.
Part of the planned app is to include the goddess that the character believes in.

Part of his message about the ideas says " Yeah, shares seem to be a bit IFFY due to the amount of work it would require. It would give more to do in terms of the RP though, so we could create random quests or events periodically to influence the Nation's shares I suppose. The other thing is how we'd scale it with the goddess in question. If they hit zero then can't go HDD, but as it goes higher? Seems like it'd be more like bragging rights tbh. :s I mean, we could put a "the more shares you have, the more powerful the goddess of said nation is", and leave it to the RPers to determine how that goes, but I don't think it's something that can really be enforced without including a whole stat/attribute/exp system, where each stat is increased by the same % as the % of shares you have. :s "

(we decided to go against the exp/level thing)

So, to restate my question, what should we do about the shares part of Neptunia games, or should we not include them in our RP?
If you need any more details, ask and I'll answer with what I can. (Or my friend might too. )


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This kind of sounds like the system used in the Black & White series of games.

Rather than having it be a stat based system, why not have the shares be a resource instead? In Black & White, gods can cast miracles using a resource... I think it was called prayer power. Basically, the most powerful the miracle, the more power it takes to cast. Prayer power can only be accumulated by having your believers pray at temples dedicated to you, or you can sacrifice things (but that would affect your morality scale, hence Black and White).

If you run the shares kind of this way, it's a little bit more like a mana system, just with a different method of mana generation.

I don't think your system is bad, but I do agree that if you want to use it where every god's shares directly affect their strength, then yeah you'd need to come up with stats probably or it's going to be abused.
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