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  1. Disclaimer: To all potential partners: due to minor health issues, I won't be able to focus on writing – so roleplays may take awhile to get started.
    Let's move on!

    The man with the steel claw
    If you haven't read through Brisbane's background story, then here's a brief summary of it; After returning home from war, Brisbane is accosted by a group of bandits, who proceed to; torture him, murder his family, and mutilate his hand. He's mortally wounded in this encounter, yet he manages to survive, sadly his right hand is rendered useless, and he has to have it lopped off, and replaced with a steel hook.

    He spends several months hid away in his uncle's cabin, and builds up strength in his left arm, so he can once again wield a sword. Once he's back at peak physical condition, he leaves his homeland of Glendor, to hunt down this bandits, and dish out some good ol' fashioned vigilante justice.

    What I'm looking for:
    Despite revenge being used as a plot device here, I really don't want it to take centre stage in terms of roleplay. Instead of being about vengeance, I want this to be about redemption – at risk of sounding a little pretentious when I say this – I want an exploration into the darkest recesses of the human soul. Instead of a search for vengeance, it should be a search for answers.

    What I would like for this story, is to have a companion at Brisbane's side; either male or female – with a female character, there could be the possibility of romance sub-plot, but that's only if the two characters are compatible with one another. Bonus points if your character is an exotic race, or is a magic user, or even both – mainly because Brisbane's homeland of Glendor, doesn't look favourably upon any other race, apart from humans, and deems magic as a “perversion of purity”

    This will also take place in a High fantasy, medieval style setting. The world is still in development, so I would appreciate a creative partner, who would like to partake in some world building!

    About the plot:
    If this story sounds extremely bare bones, that's because it is, and the reason for that is this: The main overarching plot of revenge, is nothing more than basic framework. It's more of a destination, while I'm more interested in the journey.

    Instead of focusing on one singular plot, how about we indulge in some side quests/adventures?
    One day we could wander into a seedy little town – where the locals worship some eldritch fish god, or the next day we're fighting werewolves, or we're getting into fist fights with drunks at the local tavern.

    Maybe you can call it a more, open-world approach to Roleplay?
    Hopefully, I've given you enough information on what I'm looking for. If I haven't, please don't hesitate to ask me anything, regarding this post.

    Also, if you're into some modern fantasy, stay tuned; I got a Dhampir rock star, a half-demon detective, that you maybe interested in, along with a modern portrayal of Frankenstein.
    Along with some other medieval high fantasy stories.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.