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From the sweet little old lady down the street who always gives you a card for your birthday to the scary man with the shotgun waiting to shoot you the second you accidentally touch his grass, neighbors come in all sorts!

Which do you get along best with, and which worry, or scare you? No matter what, they spice up the area a bit, don't they? Or are you "that neighbor"?

The neighbor just a few doors down from us is an absolute oddity here. He's had an entire flock of cop cars here once and that's because at night, he walks around in nothing but a thong and boy does he have a wide variety. I've ever seen him in a tutu once. Unfortunately for the highly distressed and very "proper" Filipino neighbors, he only got a warning and he's now just a little more selective about when he wears his thing and when he wears Daisy Duke cut shorts.
My neighbors have changed several times over since the recession started. Between renters, foreclosures, and property abandonment, I've had six different tenants in the house next to mine alone. It's currently been abandoned since March.

Of the neighbors I do know, however, the ones next door (on the other side) and three houses up the street from me are the ones I get along with well. Then again, I've known them since I was a kid.

A real oddity I saw happened about six years ago. A kid (age 16ish or so) in his underwear went outside and threw a fit at his mother about something. The yelling was loud, yet unintelligible.
I was CERTAIN that one of my neighbors was a drug dealer. Because I Took a walk to clear my head, LATE one night and I saw a black corvette pull up to the guy's house, The neighbor gave the guy a brown paper bag, and the guy gave him a WAD of cash. I remember running and weaving through alleyways, just in case they didn't want a witness.

One of my neighbors is a BIG time dude in the Oil companies. So if you hate the oil company, I have a name to hate.


Then there are the five neighbors who are DEATHLY REPUBLICAN. They hate me.

Then there's the creepy ex-priest. We don't know, and don't WANT to know why he isn't a man of god anymore.

Then there's the russian old lady who walks her dogs ONLY when it's cloudy and over cast. She doesn't speak much English, and I don't know much russian AT ALL. But it's fun walking my dog with her because our dogs get along. I've seen her arguing with the ex-Priest in Russian while he was yelling that she was a devil.

I DID have some REALLY nice neighbors when I was younger. They paid me to take care of their cat while they took a trip to try and get the wife's cancer taken care of. When they came back, I got paid DOUBLE. AND GOT A WHOLE BUNCH OF HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. But a week after that, they had to go, because the wife had gone terminal and she wanted to die in her hometown. Honestly, I have to say, I hope she either SOME HOW survived, or that she died peacefully. She was REALLY nice. Plus their son was gay, and they supported him.

I'll remember more fun stories eventually.
I'm the neighbor people wonder if she's still alive :P
I'm the neighbor you don't know exists until Halloween.
I think we're "that neighbor" too. c___c All the weird things happen in THIS apartment.

All our neighbors are pretty cool though. XD The people upstairs are our buddies. Chats it up with Isaboo, gives occasional rides and such.
I do not enjoy having neighbors. They bring PESTILENCE and STRANGE ODORS. Not to mention PECULIAR SOUNDS at ODD HOURS of the NIGHT.
They don't bother me, I don't send ballistic objects their way.
one of my neighbors threw a brick at my dog when i was a kid.

he missed, and dad threatened to beat the everloving shit out of him if he ever did it again.

but the dog ran away.

i hate that guy.
I live in a small town. So my next door neighbor is a freeloading bum of an uncle we want to kick out (but can't because my grandpa is too soft). Then I have a bunch of houses around mine and they're all church goers and we're too frickin' close to each other so, of course, they could hear my family's drama. <_<
What makes you guys "that neighbor"? Was it intentional, or an accidental occurrence based on something "normal" for your household?
i think all of my neighbors think that me and my dad are weapons-dealing, 2nd-amendment-worshipping, militant nutjobs..............the fact that we have a hollywood .50 cal (we're converting it to airsoft) and a gun rack mostly full of guns, load up the car with guns, kit and camping gear while in our camo AND have atleast two people come over and carry guns in and out of the house, might be a small reason why...............................................maybe

(all of the guns are airsoft btw)
Eh I live in an apartment complex in a run down area in Vegas.... My closet neighbors are old people, they're nice but it's hard to really befriend em, ya know. :p Age difference, can't relate.

It's not that friendly of a neighborhood sadly... Lotsa crazies, like that dude who was screaming at the police at 3 AM when I was trying to sleep. Good thing the AC is so loud it'll blare out most outside noise when on. :P
There's this silly old Chinese lady in our building that loves seeing me and my dad and laughing and saying "HELLO HELLO" in a high pitched voice. It's kind of cute and funny so we end up waving like idiots too and saying " HELLO HELLO" in high voices... xD
I find it hilarious -__- though a little strange xD