Needing partners for dark undertones, romance, and crazyness :D

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  1. Hello hello,

    I have been RPing for some time, and am new to this site. I guess I am looking to make a home here.
    Meet, and make some friends, while of course, creating some spectacular stories :). I typically lean towards
    modern RPs, including medieval, and other past. On some occasions you can convince me to do something
    fantasy. I prefer to do longer posts, no one liners, but will settle for shorter :). And I hope that isn't
    asking too much haha.. also Dark undertones make me really happy so don't be surprised with the pairings.
    OKAY to the much promised pairings.


    married man x teen / younger neighbor

    Holocaust RP

    escort x business man
    * have a plot idea for this, he is more turned off by her job initially

    cop's daughter x criminal (gang member, mafia member)
    *prefer playing female here

    Mafia don's child x rival mafia member / child

    Gang member x outsider

    Best Friends + opposites (younger range)

    Enemies with concealed identities
    who accidentally fall for one another.

    Boss x intern

    Investigators x killers
    *doubling desired, or I can play killer & investigator, but preferred some romance.

    Framed cop x partner
    *based off the series Life, I can elaborate on ideas :)


    -Aiden & Emily
    -Jack & Emily

    Super Natural
    -Prefer two main chars + two created chars for them.

    Gossip Girl
    -Prefer whole new crew of chars & drama filled :)

    Hunger games
    -Gale & Katniss


    Both mentioned pairings / plots would need collaboration ;x

    fallen angel x intended victim

    Childhood Fairy Tales
    - would be with a twisted dark spin off / romance added

    The Queen, and her Huntsmen
    Show Spoiler
    Without the Queen there is no balance.
    Without the Queen her Hunters cannot exist.
    Without her Hunters the Queen cannot survive.

    There has not been a Queen in over a century.

    The Royal Hunters were mysteriously destroyed, leaving the Queen vulnerable to attack. And attacked the Queen was just after the last of her Hunters fell. After the murder of the Queen, her only heir was to ascend to the throne, a princess who had barely reached womanhood at the time. Just before she was to claim the crown, the princess vanished without a trace. For some time after her disappearance, the denizens of the realm were at a panic, chaos erupting in the streets as the whispered rumor trickled through passing. What were they to do without their beloved Queen? Who would rule their race?

    Legend says the Seven Spades of the inner Circle were behind both the murder of the Queen and the disappearance of her only child. They were hungry for control and believed the Matriarch needed to crumble in order for their society to thrive to new levels, as a Democracy. They believed they no longer needed the throne, they believed they could rule far better than any monarch had before. They were the Queen’s trusted consorts, her advisors, and they believed they could rule out from beneath the hand of Her Majesty. Little did they know that by throwing away the crown, their world would be thrown off kilter, the society they thought to rebuild would fall apart at the seams.

    It took more than a century for the Royal Hunters to be reborn, the Mother of Creation singing into existence the bloodline that had died out so long ago. They were born to capable families, who were already strong in their bloodlines. She would come to them in their sleep and weave the knowledge of their unborn child’s duty in life, teaching them the ways in which the son would be raised and how to handle their “gifts”, to prepare him for his purpose. To serve and protect their Queen. Five are born, five little boys who would grow into deadly powerful creatures.

    The Royal Hunters are massive even when they wear the skin of man, the inspire fear for those around them, their eyes revealing that they are are more animal than they are man. They are feral, primal creatures, who’s blood runs for the existence of their Queen. It is within them that they discover that the heir to the throne still lives, they can feel the faintness of a heartbeat, of her life essence that still lingers somewhere in this world. At the age of sixteen their Gifts awaken, their psyche opens to the part of them that is solely Hunter. There is a magnetism that brings them together, and it is when they first awaken to that pull that they are to leave their home, in search for their brethren. When they have all been brought together, they train as an unit, they learn one another, they become in tune to their Beast and each other. They are to be one, in order to become the guardians of the Queen. Their duty will be made clear by the Mother of Creation, who will come to them in the same fashion as she did their mortal parents, she will urge them on the path to find the one hope they have to restore balance to their now ruined world.

    I sure hope some of those catch someone's attention!

    Please feel free to leave me a VM or message me :)

  2. Hi,

    I'd like to RP with you, particulary ''Enemies with concealed identities
    who accidentally fall for one another.'' :D
  3. I'm interested in your idea on The Queen, and her Huntsmen. I've got a similar RP concept that I've run for several years, building it up as I go. My concept is rather detailed. After two years running this RP with one group of people, we've developed a major layout. I've got a lot more to work on for it, but until then I don't mind goofing off with it.

    Heir to the Throne

    Take a gander at it and see if you'll be interested play the two concepts together - in a more simplified manner, or hashing out a whole new idea based on the two.

    Let me know. :)
  4. Loving the twisted fairy tale idea. Pm me if you want to discuss. :)
  5. I like the gang member x outsider idea! 8D I'd love to be a little innocent outsider with know clue about things.
  6. I am thrilled I got some replies :) I will be messaging you all shortly! And anyone else interested, please let me know :)
  7. I'd be interested in mafia leader's kid x rival mafia member OR childhood fairy tales with twists :D
  8. I've messaged you :) and still searching for more RPs ^^ and added a few plots
  9. Checked it out and will message you shortly :)
  10. Ah twisted fairytales sounds so nice ~_~ After I played Alice Madness Returns... Well Lets say the normal Alice is less satisfying

    Investigators x killers
    *doubling desired, or I can play killer & investigator, but preferred some romance.
    ^---This one sounds nice too :3

    fallen angel x intended victim
    ^--- collaboration? I'm all ears xD

    Hope I hear from you soon~
  11. I like the fairytale one, and the married man x teen / younger neighbor
  12. Hi! :D

    If you're still accepting partners, I'm interested in your "cop's daughter/criminal" pairing; However, I have some questions:

    Could this possibly work in a modern setting with a compromise of fantasy overtones?
    Say... A "today" world, but with the existence of creatures from other worlds who can cast magic & whatnot? Of course, these creatures would be challenged with keeping their human disguises up & their abilities a secret. Like, the government might know they exist, & even have some of these creatures working for them, but these creatures would generally be “erased” if they're discovered otherwise.

    Could this be doable? If so, I have a character who might be able fit this.
    He's a Demon who's world-hopping, tracking down someone from his past that he intends to kill. His favorite pastimes are causing minor mischief, clubbing, getting laid, & hunting people he doesn’t like. I can’t quite see him being part of a gang or the mafia, but definitely something more lone-wolf like a hired Hitman or something (maybe even hired to kill certain gang/mafia/authority members). He’d love a job that’ll pay him to hunt people (or other creatures), especially ones who’d pose a decent challenge. Not only that, but it would amuse him to stay just a step or two ahead of the authorities, especially if he’s got an official’s daughter interested in him! <3 But then again, that sort of affiliation will always come with it’s own risks & challenges, right? I imagine he’d have to be extra careful while she’s around. (Also, would this be kept PG-13? This character naturally tends to gravitate toward Mature content.)

    The Enemies who fall for each other would be pretty interesting, too! :3 I’d most-likely want to use the same character.

    Oh, one more question: I tend to get bored with the slow pace of forums.
    Would you be alright with using an instant messenger, like Yahoo or Skype?
  13. Oy just saw all of these, I will be sending messages out :) thanks for the interest everyone!