Needing an Advanced Partner.

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  1. I'm looking for a partner who's writing matches my own standards.
    I have plenty of ideas, both fandom and original, but I'm focusing more on the partner finding first.

    There are a few things I require in a partner, so please read them before PMing me or commenting.

    - I'd like an advanced writer, which to me means someone who can match my length, whether it be two paragraphs or ten. I also need someone who can spell correctly, and use proper grammar and punctuation.

    -I need my partner to use third person correctly- please don't switch from third to first randomly.

    -I'd like a partner who can reply at least once a day, or once every other day.

    Also, if you're going to be my partner, please keep in contact. Don't ignore my posts or messages. If you want to quit,I don't care-just have the courtesy to tell me, please.

    So, I won't post any actual plots here, only pairings and basic ideas.
    I'm more so looking for a good partner.

    Will do:

    Harry Potter (Canon/Oc only)
    Supernatural (Canon/Oc only)
    Percy Jackson (Canon/Oc only)
    Thor/Avengers (Canon/Oc only)

    Won't do:

    Doctor Who
    Game of Thrones (Unless you've read the books)

    Original pairings:

    Brother/Sister Medieval pairing
    Teacher/Student (College level)

    As for any sexual themes, it's easier to list no's than things I'd do, so-

    Nope: (open)

    Toilet play ( Poop, pee)
    Unhuman genitals
    Unnatural breast size
    Diapers/Adult children
    Farts or other stinky things
    Menses (periods/blood)

    Basically nothing too out of the ordinary.

    And I'm always up for anything romance and drama related!
  2. @Severusx Would you be playing the canon or the OC in these situations?​
  3. Oc, but I'm willing to double and play a canon for my partner as well.
  4. Still looking for a partner for an original? : 3
  5. I would be interested in the OG vampire x human pairing.