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  1. I'm Wing and I'm craving a few different roleplays.

    My main rule is that you must be 18 or older. I will not make exceptions. I am more comfortable roleplaying with other adults.

    I am mostly looking for fandom but I have a few original plots that I would like to do as well. So please PM me about those.

    I can play both male and female and I don't mind doubling. (Please be open to playing either gender) As for pairings I mostly do MxF but am might be willing to do MxM and FxF.


    Jurassic World - I have a few plots for this. Be warned you may be asked to play Owen Grady. I might be open to OCxOC on one of the plots I have.

    Supernatural - I have quite a few plots for this depending on pairings.

    Flashpoint - Another I have a couple plots for. A good cop show. I can go full OC or Cannon.

    Pysch - I have one plot in mind for this, please be willing to have a Sci-fi twist.

    Power Rangers - Mostly looking for Mystic Force and SPD. Might try other seasons.

    Bourne Legacy - This will be Semi-Au. M-F Can double if needbe. (If we don't double, I expect you to play male)

    The Covenant - Can be during or after the movie! I have plots for this I really want to try.


    Criminal Minds

    The Walking Dead


    Fandom crossover - I wold like to do a crossover of two Jeremy Renner movies. The first is Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters. The other we can discuss. I have a plot and really want to try it out.


    I'd add to this is I think of anything. If you want a different fandom, then PM me please.
    Any questions, please send me a PM.
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  2. Hey! I'd be interested in some of your original plots or maybe Supernatural? PM me?! :)
  3. Still looking and updated!
  4. Still looking! Don't hesitate to contact me.
  5. Updated! Still looking.
  6. Still looking!
  7. Still looking!
  8. What are you currently craving? :)
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