Needing a Drink (and probably a hug)

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  1. Looking for a partner to roleplay Bashir with

    Character deets here :

    So yeah, this guy's dad had a gambling habit, a bad one. Took too many loans, croaked before he could pay it off, so they forced his med student son to act as a sort of back alley medic. He's on the run now, and using heavy drinking and smoking to deal with his problems. Doesn't sleep, and his cousin is constantly checking on him to make sure he eats. He does have interests in gardening and costuming, but his other issues are in the way for him to have done much about them in ages.

    Preferred m/m but pretty open, eventually mature so maybe roleplay over email/skype or we can start a new thread.

    I can use Bashir in really any genre you want to do. He was first made for an apocalypse rp where he became the team medic, and I could mess around with him a bit to make him better suited for fantasy (itd actually be a huge amount of fun to have him thrown into a magical world).

    Shoot me a message if you wanna give it a shot :D