Need Someone Who Writes Fast

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I have a few roleplays right now and (not that it's a bad thing) but they're being replied to pretty slowly. I have a lot of free time and writing inspiration right now so I'd love to get a partner that can reply multiple times a day!

-Fast does not mean sloppy!
-Don't worry about being detailed or having a lot of writing, as long as your post moves the plot ahead it's great.
-PLEASE make sure you can reply daily (multiple times is even better).
-Have a character with a strong personality! I get bored in RP's with shy characters that just follow mine around, some drama is appreciated.

Plot Ideas:
ANYTHING but anime and fandom. I want a no-brainer that I can bust out without planning ahead, like a romance highschool RP or something cliche. I'm just itching to write.
We'll hash this out in messages.

PM me with your username as the title if you're interested (:
Meeee :D :) x
*Jumps up and down with hand up in the air* Rainy, I'd like to start up another Rp with ya, if you want. I know we had one before and then I kind a disappeared...twice. But I was very sick then and when I thought I was better...I wasn't. But now I am and I know for sure.

Anyhow, if you wanna start up another I can message you or something.
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