Need Someone To Play Evil Scientist Or Doctor

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Well, just as my title of this 'lovely' thread states, I am looking for someone who would be up for playing as an evil scientist or evil doctor role.

I only ask that you can,
- Reply at least once a day, preferably multiple.
- Can play either male or female characters.
- Can play multiple characters of either gender.
- Write in 3rd person paragraph style.

Time period for this roleplay would be modern day, current year.

A young woman goes missing, kidnapped by a mad scientist (or doctor). The mad man fakes the young woman's death so that everyone presumes the missing to be dead, and stops looking for the girl. Freeing the young woman from the grave after her funeral, the mad doctor (or scientist), proceeds to perform their experiments (the experiments of which we will discuss via the Private Messages).

Please either reply to this thread and I will Private Message you, or send me a Private Message directly with your interest.

Hope to hear from someone soon!
Not open for further replies.