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  1. Hello, all. I'm really desperate for some roleplays, and I'm looking for some new partners. Take a look at the things I've listed, suggest things, or invite me to join one of yours.

    Partner expectations:
    -I expect my partner(s) to post AT LEAST a paragraph in their replies.
    -I expect my partner(s) to use good grammar and punctuation.
    -I expect my partner(s) to post AT LEAST twice a week

    -I play both genders, so there's no problem there.
    -I prefer it to be boyxgirl if there is romance. Girlxgirl is a maybe.
    -Swearing is okay if used in moderation.
    -I'm okay with graphic gore or violence, so if you don't like that stuff, tell me beforehand.
    -I don't want romance to get TOO graphic.
    -I'd really like for you to tell me if you will be gone for a while, or if you want to drop the RP rather than simply disappearing.
    -I prefer that my partners be at least semi-aggressive roleplayers as to carry on the plot. It's okay if you're more passive, though.

    Match Ideas:
    ((Now that that's all covered...))
    -Best Friends
    -Delinquent+Good Girl/Boy
    ((Aaaand many more unsaid, so feel free to suggest))

    Basic Plot Ideas:
    (I'm cool with playing either gender on these)

    -The basic girl disguises herself as a dude to enter into an all guys school for some reason or another roleplay. (or a sports team, an entertainment agency, a gang, etc. etc.)

    -Demons and half-demons travel to the human world, but find things have changed. The human world is now in chaos, the strings all being pulled by an evil being, and if it isn't stopped, the chaos will spread to the spirit world.

    -A roleplay based off of inuyasha, but different, so you don't have to have seen the anime. You don't even have to like the anime. The simple gist of this would be a girl/guy ends up in another world and meets (preferably) a half-demon. Like inuyasha, the romance (if any) would develop slowly, and the characters will probably dislike each other at first. ((and I would play the half-demon ^^))

    -Many more, but my brain has died at the moment.
    -Anything your heart desires us to play out... Well, almost anything at least.
  2. Hi! The Inuyasha plot sounds awesome! I'm also up for delinquent/good. PM me please! ;)
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  3. Alright. Thanks for your interest!
  4. So i like all of your ideas and pairings, my favorite idea is probably the Inuyasha-like one though. I don't really have a favorite pairing. Pm me if you'd like to get one started up! :)
  5. The first basic plot idea sounds like it would be fun to do. Shoot me a pm if you wanna get it started!
  6. I'm curious enough to give it a try; I'm flexible to any pairing you feel you really have a craving for, as long as my character's human.
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