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  1. Hi, I'm Damon and I'm new to this site. owo That being said I'd love to find someone to rp with. I'm literate, kind and can keep up with nearly every storyline. Warning though, I love to add drama, at any turn, so be ready. ^w^

    I have several characters so there's plenty to choose from. Two of my characters are actually bisexual so I'm not close minded to the idea of rping with females, I'm just not as adept to it, so females, if you do find you want to rp with me, bear with me.

    My wix for my characters is

    I hope you find me interesting and would care to rp with me in the nearest future.
    ^w^ Gomen~
  2. Hello! I am new here too. I am not very experienced with roleplay, but I am looking for someone patient to help introduce me to the world. Would you be interested?
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  3. Hi there! I was hoping to be paired with Hanasei Yoh? Maybe in a kind of modern/fantasy setting? I was hoping to play a young warlock going to college and trying to hide his powers from everyone? What do you think?
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