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  1. So I'm still pretty new to website so hopefully I'm posting in the right place. ^.^

    Just refer to me as Bunny. I'm an active Role-player, I usually meet the 100 words plush with replies.
    I prefer to Role-play as a female however I also Role-play as a male. I prefer to do female x female Role-plays but I also do some male x male role-plays.
    I'm looking for an Active Teen user to be my Role-play partner that's willing to try out all kinds of plots and such.
    I role-play anthro, human, and fantasy characters like demons and angels, fairy's, ect.

    I'm only interested in 1[x]1 role-plays.
    So send me a message and we can decide plots and stuff!

    Here's an Example of my Role-playing. (A reply I used for a different character on a different website. )

    A gust fragrance of cherry blossoms was in the air, it was a thick scent so distinguished and so full; similar to a room being sprayed in perfume. The aroma of this scent was lovely yet suffocating.

    The sky was made up of enlightening shades of yellow and orange. A sunset that filled the sky. Fields and fields of green grass was all there was to be seen, no trees nor animals, just empty fields of lush grass. The only sound heard was the swish of the wind as it blew in all directions through the grass like a comb.

    “My oh my, am I late? Looks as though I should clean this place up.” A voice giggled breaking the swish sound of the wind. With a snap of the fingers the lush green fields disappeared and the sunset sky disappeared. Everything was now white. Pure white. There was no longer an up and down or a right or left. It was nothing more than a never-ending white. A gap in time, a world without a purpose. In a split of an instant the voice started again. ”Back to reality is where I shall go.”

    The Human World

    On Top of a mountain stood a large temple, red paint was chipping across the wood that the temple was made of. The grass was a yellow colour, dead and not taken care of, filled with stones. The moat around the temple was filled with murky water and dead koi fish that floated atop the water. This temple had been abandoned for years. The only thing that didn't seem to perish was the large cherry blossom tree with it’s branches hovering over the small bridge across the mote. The cherry blossom tree seemed to never stop blooming, it’s bright pink petals scattered all across. This was the temple made in the honour of the Goddess of Dreams.
    It was once filled with people that would pray to it. However things were different now.

    The whisked wind blew harsher as Fantasy stood on the cliff of the mountain where her shrine was. Her eyes filled with sorrow as she looked toward the small town below the mountain.
    “Shall I play one last game.” Her voice echoed and with that the goddess turned into cherry blossom petals that were then swept away by the wind off the mountain, to land in the town. The person they were to fall upon would either meet their greatest desires or their worst curse.
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  2. Count me in! Should I send you a PM?
  3. i got a couple of RPs you could join if you want to.
  4. Oh that sounds pretty good daemon_reaver.

    Do you mind letting me know what kind of Role-plays they are and maybe provide a link to them?
  5. I'd love to join but I haven't seen those animes before. D:
  6. well the persona is more a videogame and some quick research should help you out, The bleach inspired one i put enough orginiality into it and the magical girl one also no real need to see any anime as long as you get a gist of the genre.
  7. Sounds great just shoot me a message and we can brain storm some plot idea!
  8. I may not do para... but I'll do about anything
  9. Oh shoot me a message Jborhi Ari! We can discuss plots and such?
  10. You sound like a really fun person to rp with. I'd love to rp with you sometime!
  11. Oh thank you toftiu! Just send me a message and we can go over plots and stuff! ^.^
  12. I'm down to rp with ya!
  13. Sounds good, shoot me a message and we can go over details, ect.
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