Need partners, for realzies.

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  1. Tick all the boxes! Well not really. Got no clue what to tick really xD Eh well.

    OKAY. So, I've decided to return to this site, and , naturally, I am in need of some roleplay partners. I do prefer using a pre-made character, since I'm simply used to using that, but I will not rule out starting from scratch. Don't really have any plot ideas yet, since that changes with the characters. Logic, right? Either way. I'll drop a weebly link here;

    Do not be afraid to suggest themes/plots/or whatever. There's no way of knowing if it will work out if you don't try, am-i-right? So, not so long story short: Drop a message if you're interested. Everyone is welcome~
  2. /wave


    I'll be a partner!
  3. First victim has been found >:D
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  4. Victim? oh my. lol

    I have lots of experience in many types of RP. So why don't you hit me with something that you've got in mind? and i'll suit your story :D
  5. Mh. It seems like I'll have to start breeding plotbunnies again XD Normally I just sort of roll with whatever, unless I know the character I'll be roleplaying with.
  6. well, I'm pretty adaptable, just go with something you've had a craving for! since you've been gone so long, i'm sure you have something heavy on your mind
  7. I really don't have a whole lot in mind right now. I've been roleplaying on a site called chatango while I was gone, but. Give me a day or so to think something up, and I'll send you a message with details, alright?
  8. sounds good
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