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  1. I like some spice in my roleplaying. I think it makes it all the more fun. I'm looking for people who want to explore their character boundaries and have a little fun with a romance rp! Any type of setting is cool with me. I'm in the works of creating certain scenes and what not to jump in more quickly, but I'm up for just about anything!
  2. I would love to do a romance rp with you! I'm literally open to any ideas!
  3. You sound like an interesting fellow. I'd like to do a roleplay with you!
    So, what kind of romance are we talking? Gay or straight relationships? Or are you like me and don't care which one?
    And I think it's cool you're writing out things!
    Would a Victorian Era setting suit your tastes? It's so drama-filled and glorious, parties, big dresses, dancing all night long... I just love that setting.
    Anyways, whatever you'd like is fine with me, as long as you don't throw me into horror, sci-fi, historical/military or fandom rps, really.
  4. Hello both of you!!!

    Becky: I'd love to start a roleplay with you! I would like to do a love story about A young girl, around 20 (not that young but still) falls in love with her guardian angel. I guess it's kind of like a fan fic because I read a story like that, but not exactly. I'd like to play the role of the male, if that's okay? You can develop any female role you want, she just preferably has troubles as to why her guardian angel appears. PM me if you want to discuss actions and more details!!

    MiNaGi: Victorian could be cool!!! I don't really have a story line set up for that, but if you'd like to make one, I'd be completely cool with that! PM me if you'd like to discuss more!
  5. yay I love that idea! and sure you can be the male, I prefer being the female anyways :) PM me and we can start planning :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.