Need partner for my new roleplay

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  1. ( it is about a Lycan village that was destroyed when these humans attacked, This Guy ( me ) was captured. and this Lycan leader who is a women or can be a man (you) came to rescue him. That is were that will take off. The humans and the lycans are at war.
  2. um... *tilts head* I'm sorry but basically the plot starts with my character rescuing yours somehow, he's a lycan leader (I rather male characters) and we set off on a world at war? * 3 *
  3. I like the sound of your story plot, but maybe the one rescuing you is a human (Female) because she feels bad for the Lycan Race.
    If not I am still up to Role-playing this plot with you.
  4. Can it be male x male ... I mean, for me ... *shrugs deep*
  5. Ive made a jump in Rp of this but for the single one ill go with Zidlijan since he commented first, but Pixe if you want we can work out another rp almost like it for us? just throwing the ideas out there.
  6. Yaay! o v o!
    I'm lucky then yay.