Need OnexOne partner for a roleplay!!

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  1. Hey!!
    I'm a newbie here, but have some experience from role playing on other forums before. ( Deleted accounts fyi)

    I'm looking for someone to start a roleplay with! Just to get me started out so i can think up ideas for others. I'm into anything: scifi, modern, fantasy, etc. If you're interested contact me! If you can think up a plot that's great! I can if you would like me to, but specify what kind of genre you would like!
  2. Hey I'm new to this site too, but I also have Role playing experience. I'm on another site, I just wanted more variety of rping. I have an idea for a roleplay but its mostly romance, and I would want to play the female. If your still interested I will tell you more. It would require you playing more than one person, I will play more than one too, and its more of a fantasy romance/sifi I guess? Either way, if your interested just say so.
  3. First one to reply! haha Yes i am interested, but not sure how the rp will work out since I like to play the female also..... Your idea with what you said does sound very intresting.
  4. Never mind. Sorry, I lost all muse for my idea when I remembered I had asked someone to do it with me. So sorry, I feel horrible.. Maybe we could do something else if you have anything in mind?
  5. I'm willing rp but I'm stuck on ideas. I'm willing to work something out if you are interested.
  6. Sorry it took me so long to reply. yes i am interested and am willing to help think of a plot for an rp!