Need more Roleplays

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Hai guys 83 I'm looking for some more Roleplays. Romance preferrably if anyone wants to. I only do straight pairings and I mostly play female, but I can play male if you insist on playing female. Well, anyway, Please post what you would like to do. I will list a few options below. If your interested, please post! Thanks!

Demon x Human

The Demon was kicked out of Hell. He was an outcast. He never fit in with the other demons anyway so maybe the human world was fitting for a lowlife like him. That was, until he met a girl that made him wish he was back in Hell! She is annoyingly strong, yet quiet. So much so it drove the demon insane. He wanted to kill the girl, yet he also wanted to find out why she was the way she was. Can he figure out her secret or will she drive him to the point where he were begging to be admitted back to Hell? (This is just a plot idea. It doesn't have to be exactly like this, but I thought this might be a funny one to play out -giggles-)

Human X Human

This girl was a weakling. She had no ounce of muscle on her and she always got teased for being the smallest in the class. That is, until she met her hero. He saved her a lot when they were kids and it looks like he wasn't going to stop just because the years separated them once. Can these two learn to live with each other's weakness and grow strong together? (Same as the Demon X Human explination above. JUST A PLOT IDEA)

Demon Maid X Human

She owed him. She owed him her life since he freed her from the pits of hell. But what was this feeling she got when near him? It was a mixture of different emotions the heartless demon girl had never felt before. As if being his maid wasn't enough, now he had to do this to her heart? He was a gutless man who deserved every bad thing that happened to him. Or did he?

Here are some ideas I wanted to do, but it's all up to you! Help yourself to my ideas and twist them to your will if you want. Or if you want to do the exact idea then we can go for it! Reply to this thread if your interested! Thanks!
I would want to do the human x human plot :9 it sounded interesting ^^
up for the demon x human still? I'm digging it.