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  1. This is a request for a Male partner in a new rp I'm drafting from another site called Aevum. It follows the end times in a fantasy fictional world called Orbis after the (greek) gods left the planet to die. There are 9 countries of Orbis, each ran by a Duke or Duchess and with different climates, dangers, and dark lurkings that pit you against survival everyday. Bladed weapons, bows, and Black & White Magic exists in this world. The tone of the rp will be Game Of Thrones mixed with Skyrim with a dark underfeel of The Walking Dead. Obviously smut will be in the rp, and I ask only for dedicated, comprehensive people that won't drop out. My Female character is the daughter of a lumberjack and a healer, who lost her parents in The Abandonment (the event that triggered the post apocalypse) and now lives in isolation in Mundus. Your character is up to you, as they will meet star-crossed and an epic adventure will ensue for survival!

    Anyone ready or interested respond below!!

    The 9 Provinces (open)

    Terra - Full of desert but ironically has the largest river in Orbis, Terra holds the capital of the entire realm, Jupiter City, where the Arch-Duke reigns over his country. This is also the country home to the Arch-Guard, the most elite fighters in all of Orbis. Since The Abandonment, their numbers have dwindled and now serve the Arch-Duke in his personal quest to restore order to Orbis.

    Nomos - Filled with mountains of the highest altidudes, Nomos is home to people that have cities and entire civilizations on these mountains and in the clouds. Orbis refers to them as the "Sky people." On the grounds, however, lurk perilous and dark beasts of the drylands, ranging from goblins to hounds. Lake Aurora sits below Nomos, as Nomos' capital is Aero City. It would take days journeys just to make it up to the sky people, but better than what lies beneath...

    Stloctus - The marvel of Orbis. This was the only country relatively unharmed in the Abandonment, with beautiful lush trees, gardens, plains, and nice pedal flowers all around. Despite the beautiful reservations, life in Stloctus has dwindled due to low life count in the country. More animals and people have migrated elsewhere for unknown reasons. The silence that surrounds Stloctus is gripping, but still people wander there to discover why the place is still intact...some have never came back. Stloctus' capital is Tempora.

    Medium - Toppled with sheer Ice and snowy slopes and cold and stiff climate, Medium is only home to the Mediumians that can withstand the cold of the country. Jagged mountains and cliffs fill the province, as the blizzards and high winds of the place make it uncomfortable to any outsider. Medium is know for it's mining of minerals and nutrients throughout Orbis, as the Medium Mines are the prime source of resources. However, deep in Medium's mines and hollows lurk dark monsters of the that ensure death upon sight. Glacier City is the capital of Medium.

    Mundus - The wild of Orbis. Literally infested with dense jungles, forests, groves, and wildlife, Mundus is easily one of the scarier, savage places in the world. Full of snarling beasts, tribes, and even cannibals, the races and animals of Mundus are enough to make a lesser man flee or die. However Mundus is the prime source of fruit, plants, and lumber for making houses, creating potions, producing food, etc. Nature City is the capital of Mundus.

    Mare - The country with dozens of underground channels, canals and bays, Mare is best known for it's fresh springs and water that come from the harbor and its coves, where all trade takes place. Mare was the leading trade and shipping country in Orbis of seafood, salts, water, and other goods that needed to be commercially traded. Raging tides and waves edge the north border of the province, and often produces heavy rain creating marshes and swamps. On land, fair danger exists as any other place, but in the waters...there exists things far more sinister than what Mare's land can produce. Cape Port is it's capital.

    Umbra - The place where only the most brutal of all life dwells. Literally filled with canyons and valleys with dry and barren wastelands, Umbra houses certain death. No one knows who..or what lurks in the province anymore, as it has long been destroyed and depleted by The Abandonment. The only use or purpose of visiting Umbra is to get to The Isle of The Damned, a said haunted island just west of Umbra. There, it is said to be home to the greatest magic and treasure known to history. Umbra has no capital, only a main landmark called "Void Valley".

    Obscurus - Known as the "Dark Tundra." This country literally has nothing. A flat land of desolate trees and grass, and a cold, ominous feel to the area as if the gods themselves were afraid to travel there. Very few in history have ever step foot in Obscurus, even fewer lived to tell the tale. The only province with no Duke or civilization, life, resources, or any other means of stability. No one knows what lies there. At all. The capital has been regarded as "The Dark." where one man once stood and survived his encounter of "A great demon."

    Tractus - The largest province in all of Orbis. Containing the Essence Archipelago and many small islands, most people attempted to flee here after The Abandonment in order to find refuge and land to start to survive. West Tractus has icy climates and houses Lake Tether, the largest lake in the world. This is the most poulated country but at the cost of the highest death toll, wars, battles, and scavenging. The capital is Atmos City, comprised in a fortified dome of a magical forcefield.

    Regnum - The old country. The place where the gods once dwelled long ago. Here is where the royal throne of old gods lie and where the elders and religious people that still cling on to the beliefs of the gods that left them reside. Though not the Orbis capital, the capital of Regnum is Olympic City, the largest city in the world. Here is where old tombs, ruins, dungeons, and ancient structures are. This is the safest place in Orbis as not much animal or beasts roam there, but every now and then in the ruins comes a threat to cripple the old royal theistic society.

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  2. I must give this a love rating. I like the detail, the environments. Are you still looking for a partner?
  3. Yes I am! :)
  4. I would love to be your partner. This sounds very interesting. I've already thought about ideas for a character.
  5. Ok! PM me deets :]
  6. Would you be willing to try this roleplay with a different person as well?
  7. It's open still! No one ever PM'd me lol
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