need full body character portraits? get 'em here

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  1. My most recent sketches and doodles are found here, in my tumblr blog. I can do sketches or colored works done with either color pencil or Copics. Digital work is also available for request, but please do keep in mind that since I do not have a computer at all times, digital works will take a much, much longer time.

    Also, a few warnings:
    - I draw girls and women much better than I do with males.
    - I cannot draw anthro/furry, animals, or mecha.
    - If you give me an all-text description, the drawing will be based on my interpretation.

    When ordering, please include a thorough description of your character's appearance and clothing style. Include their personality and some reference images, if possible. The more detailed and specific a description you give me, the more accurate the drawing will be, hopefully. I do suggest you request WIPs to see if your character is coming along the way you'd like.

    The finished works (or sketches, depending on what you want) will include two 3/4 body views (one with clothes, one in undies) and a facial closeup. You may crop and edit it to your liking, but PLEASE credit me.
  2. Hello~! I really would like for someone to help me put my idea into picture form-- as I kind of feel like my words just aren't doing the idea justice. Think you might be able to help me out???

    I have a character named Asher, who has an automail spine. It's visible on his skin and reaches up onto the top of his head where it's anchored. But it isn't bulky. The closest I can find is this:
    (click it to make it big)

    This is close to what I envision, but not quite. See, he gets his title, The Nobel Shadow Alchemist, because the top of his head, where the spine is anchored, looks like he's wearing a crown when you look at his shadow.

    Here's a formal character description if you would kindly feel like helping me out. ^_^ Of course, all credit would be yours, and signatures will never be cropped out!

    Asher is six foot tall, 25 years old, with long ebony hair that he wears in a pony. He most often is clean shaven, though has sported the soul patch in the past. Usually, he wears a long duster and a hat. without the hat, there are three metal prongs laying across the top of his hair, like cornrows. The center one comes about a full inch off of his scalp, the other two only about 1/2 an inch. His automail spine is surrounded by scar tissue, since he's grown since his spine was first replaced. It is layered in a modest armor paneling, laying flush under his skin-- yet still visible above. He has blue eyes and pale skin, with a lean almost wirey build-- made more for speed than strength.
  3. This looks like a good place to post a request... If you would be obliged to do one, I would love to ask you for a Free Commission :)
  4. Hello I need a character drawn and normally I would just use an already existing image but I can't find any that suit how I want my character to look x.x it's anime style and colored.she's 16,has silver hair in a ponytail,blue eyes,wears a lab coat and glasses,the scientist type.if need be I can provide reference images of her parents
  5. Hello. I've been trying to draw one of my characters for the past four or five years, but I can never get it just right. Either I mess up drawing the left eye, or his wings, or I screw up the shading.

    These are some of my attempts at drawing him:

    And here are the reference images I've used because my drawing is... bad:

    Leone Valcrosse doesn't try to impress anyone. A pair of jeans, a comfy tshirt or longsleeve, and a pair of black steel toed boots, and he's set to go fight off evil or go to the bookshop. He's mostly serious, as he knows that he make make a joke for his life and doesn't want to torture anyone with his sense of humor. His black hair is often messy, no matter how hard he tries to tame it. His sharp blue eyes rarely show emotions, and he tends to wear a thoughtful expression when he thinks no one else is looking.
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