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  1. I want to do a role play involving a woman who was already married and decided to do the wedding at a place where her family was (since her husband was rich and could take her anywhere) but her husband out of nowhere abandoned her the day before the wedding.
    Scared, upset and confused her brother felt bad for her and offered for her to stay at the upstairs apartment in his Cafe (it's a cafe on the bottom floor and an inn on the top floor) until you can get things straightened out with your husband but along the way you meet 5 of your brothers friends! Will you choose to go back with your husband or fall in love with one of these men all over again?
    It's a love/drama story all you would need to do is play the girls role in it!

    If you want to sign up please comment the following information below and I will get back to you as soon as possible (don't worry I come on here often)

    Age (must be 18 years or older):
    What the person looks like:
  2. Name: Lillith Dawson

    Age: 20

    Personality: Lillith is a bright young woman, she is very creative and loves arts and crafts, her favorite pass time would be horse riding and photography. She loves to travel and collect things like books, post stamps and tea cups.

    Bio: Lillith was a born a farmer's child, that's where her love for horse riding comes from. She grew up on the farm and loved her visits to the city. She decided very early in her life that she wanted to be a photographer. She moved away from the farm and into the city and she loved it, that's where she met a rich man. It was strange for her at first, being who she was and now she was going to marry into a rich family, life couldn't be better.

    Appearance: cad8aeed7e50decca0d83cef544fb59d.jpg
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  10. Sorry the positions been filled
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