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  1. Plot Candies:
    • Pregnancy (I just think its cute...Call me awkward, but whatever I don't care)
    • Street Racing
    • Cars
    • Martial Arts
    • Guns
    • Firefights
    • Family Orientation
    Roleplay No-Gos:
    • Yaoi
    • Furry
    • Animal/Anthromorphic
    • Mature Content
    Character Arch-Types that I will play
    • Hopeless Romantic
    • Badass Heroine, Antihero
    • Sweet Girl
    • Moody Pregnant Lady
    • Gunslingers
    • Masters of Martial Arts
    • Military Badass
    Premade Characters:

    If you want to discuss any plots and/or fandoms, please comment below or PM me! If you're not going to be available for a stretch of time, please notify me. I'm getting sick of people ditching me out of the blue.