need an 18+ RPer for any of these ideas (chat RP)

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  1. Hi, I am listing my 18+ plots that I want to do. I don't do flurries, but other than that I will accept additional ideas. :-) Also I prefer to rp via chat or Private message. I'm new to this site and haven't figured everything out yet.

    Plot A: Witch x Assassin : A village hires an assassin to kill a witch that is supposedly causing them great grief. She resides in a forest near the town that no one dares to enter. However, the witch is actually the protector of the forest and the villagers are actually after more hunting grounds.

    Plot B: Demon x human: A young human girl flees when a band of demons attack her village, but is ensnared by a trap, and taken as a slave. She is then sold to a wealthy demon and is at the mercy of his every desire. The demon society values strength and ferocity above all else, so it is only natural that her master is among the most feared of all demons.

    Plot C: Step Siblings modern: After her Mother and stepfather die, a young girl is sent to live with her elder stepbrother. They hadn't seen each other since the wedding many years ago so neither were expecting how the other filled out. Struggling to find work in the city, she also finds herself struggling fretfully against her growing feeling for her brother.

    Plot D: wife of mobster x business man: To absolve her family's debts, a young woman is sold as a wife to a cruel mob boss. She struggles to survive his harsh temper and abuse. The Boss then befriends a sort of businessman in hopes of using the man's company to advance he drug car tell. The business man and mob wife become quite taken with one another, but could they ever be free of the mob?
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  2. Am interested in plot B! If that's still open,we can discuss this more over private messages. ^^

    Have a nice ddaay~

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