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  1. ᙡᙓᒪᙅᗢᗰᙓ !

    Well, this is Treasurer here [new to Iwaku] and I'm itching to take part in a Roleplay :)
    These are a few of my ideas, they can be played either as 1x1's or in Small groups. Depends on your comfort zone.
    If you see one that might spark your interest just reply or send me a pm.

    This would be more preferable in a small group; It's 2021, Tokyo manufacturers have established a new world sensation in gaming. [Insert name here] is their project, the game will take a new, more realistic touch into mmorpgs everywhere. Their goal? Making virtual reality as real as possible, the sky is the limit for the them and they will stop at nothing until perfecting their game. This is where gamers everywhere take their place, a global search has been done for by company in hopes of finding some select few gamers who's body and mind will be able to be transferred into [insert name here] for testing. Although the game is in its nearly finished beta stage, a few bugs and glitches do exist. But something the players don't know is, if you die in the game--you die in real life.

    The description pretty much sucks, but in basic terms, it's a plot in which we will play in a endless mmorpg where the only way to get out is to ether beat the game or die trying. The basics are simple, your in game character will be the main focus. It can be any race, any color, any job class, etc. Hence, following the modern norms of a now a days mmorpgs. All of us will be transported into the main server, there we embark on the adventure.

    Genres would be: Fantasy, Adventure, [somewhat] Science Fiction, [depending on you] Romance.
    Inspiration: The manga called 1/2 Prince & many mmorpgs.

    I rather this be a 1x1 but you'd have to be able to play & make other characters as well; I don't have a written description of the plot down, but, I do have the basic idea and where I want to go with it in my head ;)

    The setting is Europe, a young maiden embarks on a death ridden mission to capture a horrifying sea creature who is said to devour the skin and bones of any sailor out at sea who crosses it's path. The maiden, who is the daughter of a sailor fallen pray to the creature, is ought to seek revenge for the sake of her father who lost both his legs to this sea creature and the girl will stop at nothing until the creature's corpse is laid down before her.

    How it goes from there depends on my partner. Do you want her to get captured by pirates? Shall she get shipwrecked? Or maybe, just maybe--have a change of heart for the creature?

    Genres would be: Fantasy, Adventure, [somewhat] Horror, Romance

    A 1x1, can be a yaoi, yuri or just normal; A very, very, simple school romance between two students who fate seems to be dead set against them. There will be love rivals, love triangles, tragedies and just plain random humor. The timeline can be modern, futuristic or in a past era. The setting can vary in whatever country we decide on.
    En fin, this is just a simple roleplay. Pretty cliche, but I've never done a school romance and I really want to try it out.

    Genrers: Slice of Life, Tragedy, Romance, School Life, Comedy
    Inspiration: Something called... Koizora ;)

  2. I have to say, the second one tickles my fancy most, being the one most open to different possibilities. However, I'd like to know a basic timeframe for it - The Georgian era's a popular choice, being the peak of piracy on the European seas. Blackbeard ws about near the end of it, if that says anything more.
    Number one has potential, but the plot needs a little more added to it, even a small amount. Will the developers be interfering at various times to test the gme's capabilities? Is physical strength or gaming skill important? I know I'm being picky, but I can't help these things.
  3. The Georgian era would be a good timeframe, but getting that settled--I'd rather discard the historical people from the mix. I'm all for history and famous pirates (If you'd like to add that) but wouldn't it be more interesting to rather create your own pirate? Create a whole new frame. But, if you'd rather stick with the in depth/real timeframe and events of that era it would be okay with me. Just a tad less creative.

    Following that, if you'd rather change the sex for the character it is fine by me as well. It is indeed very open, one would need to be pretty adaptable in the story creating comrades, ship crews, names, scenery & etc. Personally I find that a bit troublesome but yeah, lol.

    As for the first, true the description lacks a few things and has quite a bit of holes, but that just makes it funner for compromising. The players skill and capabilities all rely on the class, race and job you'd like to pick. If you are a Elf and your job class is a thief, your stealth would be your main skill, would it not? Deriving by that, everything is much possible. This type of plot would be set in storyline events, with each event that progresses you'd 'level' in a sense. Mob bosses, monsters, NPC's--all of that is included.

    Now, would the developers interfere? Putting myself in their shoes, they would interrupt the players if they made progress--progress that was not estimated by them. In a sense, they put the players in there knowing/thing they would die since the game is still very much bugged. By seeing that their prior conclusion is off, it is possible they would interfere. The main goal for me in the first plot is for the players to establish a small guild amongst themselves and as the story continue meet up with NPCs, other scammed players, etc.

    Thinking about it... That's a lot of hard work. Heh.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with doing away with historical figures like Blackbeard, but I was giving him as an example. Granted, my wording was off, but you know. As for changing the character's gender, keep in mind this was many years before women were seen as equals to men. A maiden setting off would most certainly spark all sorts of reactions, as opposed to a comparitively stale one to a male lead. It's entirely up to you, however. I'd suggest keeping as much of a balance as possible, however.
    I see where you're going with the job/class/level/etc. system, and it seems like an easy enough system to get to grips with. All that remains for me is that, if it's a game, will inventories be like the TARDIS, or will they just be as much as you can carry?
  5. Haha, glad we're seeing eye to eye. As for the inventories, it's as much as you can carry and depends highly on your equipment. If you chose a knight class and your weapon is a double sword, both your armor and sword wouldn't count as 'items'. Things that do count as items can be store inside backpacks, side bags, any kind of bag really. If small enough they can fit in pockets. I'd also advice the mount system. Tame a wolf, the wolf will carry your items. Would be kinda like that. The game in terms of items wish should be as real as possible, you need to food? Eat bread, pick apples, farm something.
    Low on health? Drink a special elixir, make a potion out of herbs or simply rest.

    As the GM, I'll take responsibility of saying the towns landscape, creating a history, which shops belong to it and what kind of missions can be found.

    Taking in mind the woman factor, if indeed either of us chose to play as a female, she could dress as a man. The woman factor is interesting because it would add a bit more of hardness to the story, like, "You? A pirate? Your just a woman!", "A woman seting sails to sea? Don't make me laugh!". All that can add room to story line and back stories as well as minor challenges and triumphs. The balance would lay on the characters crew members, companions and such. The characters second hand man ( if a woman) could be an actual man. Or vice versa. The 'creature' could be played by both of us. While one of us manages one conflict, the other can create a own side story on what the creature is doing.
  6. Well, I guess that just about wraps up any questions and queries I hve with these. The systems seem like they could work, so I guess that's it from me.
  7. Your third choice there is something I've always enjoyed.
    As I'm new here to Iwaku (not roleplaying itself) it could be nice to do with you, help warm myself up to the place, you know?

    If you have the time, and are still looking to do the school romance thing, I'm definitely up for it ^ ^