Need a partner for Medieval role-play

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  1. I need a male character/partner for a medieval role-play!

    -Settings- (You can pick)
    *Sword art online sorta of setting (If you know the anime)
    *Normal, king and queen ruling the kingdom kind of thing with knights and princess/ princes
    *Fantasy! Elves, fairies,vikings, trolls, dragons etc! (No unicorns doe, swwy)
    *Horror? Very gory, viking age kind of medieval, blood and guns, very descriptive kind of thing.
    *Warrior! Like war between two kingdoms.
    (These are all going to be very romance and smutty role-plays, Which means i like alot of romance and sexual scenes but not like more then the plot)
    -Kinds of romance-
    *Warrior X princess
    *Warrior X Warrior
    *Elf X Elf
    *Elf X Human
    *Elf X Viking
    *Fairy X Human
    *Villager X Prince
    *Villager X Princess
    *Prince X Princess
    *Knight X Princess
    *Knight X Elf princess
    *Elf Prince X Elf Princess
    (You get the point ^^)
    If you would like to role-play any of these with me, comment on this thread or PM me!
    I only do PM Role-plays BTW
  2. I would be up for this, would you be okay with an orc or troll character?
  3. I would totally like to do the Sword Art Online idea!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.