Need a partner for a Human X Android roleplay?

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  1. As the title states, I have a plot bunny for a MxF human x android RP, anyone who is interested should post here or message me!

    Here's the backstory and my character (and we can adjust it if you want to change anything around):

    My character, Viv, just completes a project that revolutionizes the world of technology. She creates the first humanoid artificial human. Since she's the brains of the operation, he is to come to live with her once he is let out of the labs and it's her job to teach him about the world around him, monitor him, fix him and correct his errors, monitor how his artificial emotions grow as he becomes more self-aware but to make sure they stay in check. It's also her job to teach him about humanity, its flaws and its beauty, so he understands the dangers that come with creating an artificial being as well as the reasons behind such a controversial creation.

    Name: Vivian Hughes (Viv for short though most people just call her Dr. Hughes)
    Age: 25
    Sex: Female
    Biography: Growing up, Vivian never was much of a socialite. She still isn't. But what she lacked in social grace, she made up for in ambition and intelligence. She came from a large, lower-middle class family and is the oldest of four siblings, and after high school, she rarely stayed in contact except to a few of her siblings -- namely her younger sister, Eva whom she is really close to. She graduated from MIT with a Master's degree at the age of twenty-four and her current "project" had already been in the works for three years by that point. "Project 142" was going to revolutionize the world and it was nearly complete. She was the brains behind the operation and she would do anything to ensure the project's success. This project, if successful, would create the first of a line of sentient, self-aware and humanoid androids using the most advanced technology out there. To someone unaware, the androids wouldn't look any different than a regular human. But they were different. And Viv hasn't let herself forget it as the project nears completion. But how different could they possibly be?
    Personality: Though intelligent, Vivian comes off as cold and distant. She has a tendency to keep all topics of conversation relating to her work or knowledge. She's got an analytical mind and it seems like she never stops working. Her cold exterior often makes her coworkers wonder who the real robot in the experiment is. Vivian isn't that close with her family, her dating life is non-existent, and it seems like she never leaves the labs. But she's okay with that, truly. She seems cold and emotionless, but it's obvious through her dedication to her work that she is passionate about science and does it for the right reasons. Sometimes, she goes too far though for she often gets so lost in her work she'll go days without sleep or eating. There have been several occasions where she's been hospitalized after collapsing from exhaustion. Viv rarely smiles, but on the other hand, she never cries either. Sometimes she'll crack a joke here and there, she has a dry but witty sense of humor, and she'll manage a smirk. She doesn't dress the nicest since she's always in the labs, but she tries to stay fit. There are almost always dark circles under her eyes which make her seem older than she is. Though combined with her way of speaking and intelligence, many people do think she's in her thirties instead of mid-twenties. She's never been one for physical contact or openly showing compassion for others. Though her coworkers know she cares, sometimes letting them out early and giving them weekends and holidays off no matter what. Even if it means that she'll be doing double time. But that hardly matters anyways, she's got work to do.
  2. I can be the android if you like. Would the name be android then?
  3. You can name him whatever you want ^^
  4. Was it something I said?

    .... Do I smell weird?
  5. Well, maybe you smell a bit weird... But I'd be willing to put up with the smell to rp with you! :3
  6. Posting extreme interest!

    I've played a character before that I think would have fit this role perfectly. He was born in a test tube as part of a science experiment, rather then an android, but has the same sort of motif behind him: Isn't familiar with human interaction, doesn't know the world, etc. I really enjoyed the role, and if the guy above backs out or anything, I would definetly like you to consider me for it :-)