Need a partner? :D

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  1. So, yeah, if any of you has a onexone rp idea, but no partner, PM me :D

    And if you're just looking for a partner to brainstorm with, you can still PM me ^^

    •Usually, I like being the girl (because I'm girly xD) but if you want me to be a boy, I'm down with that!
    •I'm into paranormal/supernatural stuff (vampires, ghosts, demons, spirits, etc.)
  2. I might be able to onexone RP with you, if you wish to RP with me. :) I'm starting to get into onexone RPs xD
  3. Alright then :D (claps hands together) Let's get cookin'.

    I see you like supernatural. I personally like Fantasy and Sci-Fi. We could try and do a kind of Paranormal/Fantasy thing. Does that sound good to you?
  4. That sounds totally cool! :D
  5. Okay! (puts on chief hat) Let's cook up a plot now! :D

    Let's see...I like action, adventure, story-like, deep plots.

    Do you have any RP plots? I would love to hear them. :)
  6. Currently, I have one that could possibly combine paranormal and fantasy :D I'll PM it to you
  7. Awesome. Got it and replied ;)
  8. @ Clockwork and lovedove830

    I would be interested in a one x one with someone. XD I prefer to play female though if that is ok.... I hope to hear a reply soon. XD If you're interested please PM me.
  9. I'd love to do a rp with you clockwork and I'll do one with you too Lewi if you'd like. I prefer playing the male, so this really works for me Xp
  10. Cool, care to discuss over PM MeGoRawr? Sorry if i'm slow at the moment i'm trying to learn the navigation of the site.
  11. You're fine ^_^ But yeah, to the pm's! lol
  12. I can rp with either of you! :D