Need a girl for a high school romance story!

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  1. When you were a young girl you had a rough life, your parents died and you ended up staying with your abusive uncle uncle until Elementary school ended when he was found guilty of hurting you and was sent to jail. Everyone during your childhood life picked on you and made fun of you except for one sweet boy whom you found one day hiding in the bushes just outside your school. He explained that he was in a school where children had to always behave and never have fun, so he wanted to sneak on the school playground and have some fun and be normal for a change. He told you his name many times but you kept forgetting. At the last day of your school he told you his name once more, but when his mom found his "rich son" playing with a poor child she took him away! However luck was on your side! He dropped a handkerchief that had the symbol of his school on it! Yammamoto Academy! determined to find the boy who was always there for your troubled times, you worked hard and was qualified to enroll. However, there is just one's an all male Academy! Are you willing to fake your identity to thank the boy who saved you?
  2. Could I rp this with you? This sounds like a really fun idea and I am willing to try.
  3. Oh this does seem fun. Haha I would be willing to do this with you as well, if you already have a partner I don't mind, it just seems fun.
  4. Sorry guys forgot to post this part but could you please post this information about your character:

    Other (optional)
  5. Name: Christina 'Chris' Holloway
    Age: 16
    Bio: Christina has had a pretty rough life. When she was very young, her parents died in a terrible accident. Sending her to her only relative, she suffered more at the abusive way of her uncle. During her time with her uncle, she had to always fend for her own. She never had the coolest clothes or the hippest, newest thing. This caused her to be teased a lot. Feeling rejected by everyone, she would often spend her time alone at the park, just so she didn't have to be home. This became her place of comfort. Anytime she needed to calm down, she could go here. It was here she met the prince. One day after escaping the house, she was sitting in the park when she noticed a boy in the bushes. They sat there and talked and played together, soon developing a new friendship. This happened for a few months. They would meet each other at the playground and hang out when Christina didn't want to be home. It was heaven. She even started to have feeling for the boy. Sadly, during the last day of Junior High, she went to go see him to find that he was not there. It broke her heart. It was also during this time that Christina's uncle was caught abusing her and sent to jail. Now with no home and no friends, she wasn't sure what to do. She then remembered that the boy had once even her a handkerchief that had something on it. Maybe if she could find this boy, he could help her. Determined, she did her research to find that the handkerchief had the symbol of the local all male academy, Yammamoto Academy. Having nothing to lose, she cut all of her hair short and lied about her gender to get into the entry exam. Passing with flying colors and gaining a scholarship, she is now tending Yammamoto Academy under her nickname "Chris" in hopes to find that boy again.
    Personality: Christina has always been a shy girl. She never really stood up for herself and never talked back. She is ridiculously smart, spending a lot of time reading instead of being downstairs with her uncle. She has a strong will and is willing to do anything if it means she will be safe and loved by someone. (I can go into more details if you want....)
    Looks: She stands at 5'5", which is kind of small for a boy, but she can pull it off. Very thin muscled with very little chest mass.
  6. Name: Haley Parish (Haley can be a boy or girl's name)
    Age: 16
    Bio: After her parents had died and she had been living with her abusive uncle for awhile she had run off one evening to her school grounds and played there, all by her lonesome until she spotted a boy under the bushes when they began to talk she felt happy, Haley hadn't felt happy in a long time and so she would go and meet the boy everyday for several months growing closer and closer to him. She developed a crush, after all she was a young lady in Junior High. The last day of Junior High she meets him one last time only to have them both be found by his mother; and Haley did not look good ever, actually she was wearing ragged jeans with holes in them and a ripped up tee shirt; she looked for everything like a bum; when the mother found the two she was very rude and had hurt Haley's feelings greatly before tears started falling after the boy had been taken away. While she stares at the ground she happens to notice the handkerchief which she picks up right as some cops find her and inform her of her uncle being taken to prison. Now determined to meet the boy once more and admit her feelings she cuts all of her hair off, making it really short, and she styles it in a very boy-ish way and lies about her gender to take the entrance examine for Yammamoto Academy. She's not the smartest girl but she had studied hard and passed the test, everything was set for her to perhaps find that boy again finally!
    Personality: Kind, Nurturing, Passionate, Loyal, hates to lie, tomboy-ish making it rather easy for her to blend in with the boys, she's pretty outgoing too, easily making friends when she didn't look like a slob, or feel like a bum or something worse.
    Looks: anime-guy-hair-eyes.png (Imagine him just a little more girly looking, but generally that's what she looks like.)
    Other: Her chest is fairly developed but she wears a denim vest under the school uniform to hide it, thank goodness it's adjustable as well so she should be able to keep wearing it for awhile.
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