Need a character drawn up.

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  1. A king and his dogs.png
    Well, needless to say, this is my MC skin. I made this wallpaper on a different site, and was wondering if someone could draw this in anime fashion (But don't make it look like minecraft any more) Because the skin is of my video game persona, KingPwnzer.

    The hoodie is supposed to be this;

    The headphones are these;

    And there should be a hat like this on him;

    All three of those are things I personally purchased to complete my persona.

    If someone is able to do this for me, and I like their work, I may ask them to make more for me.

    Please and thank you ^^

    Love, Omega Black
  2. I'm going to give it a go (^v^)
  3. Yay ^^ Pm me the results
  4. It's not important, but if you show the shoes, make them black and white? I got new shoes since I made the skin, and the brown shoes kinda got... well let's say I shouldn't wear them in winter
  5. awesome :p

    Possibly write "KingPwnzer" in cursive off to the side?
  6. alright (:
  7. Are you already working on it?
  8. yeah, I just made a quick sketch. I'll pm it to ya (: I'm no pro but I thought it would be fun to try ^^ I hope you like it!
  9. pm'd ya
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.