Need a character drawn please

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As you can see, I'm looking for someone to draw a character for me as my artistic skills are terrible. I may update this from time to time with a new character. Right now, I'm looking for someone to draw a Naruto OC of mine if anyone is able to help.

Name: Hisana Akiyama
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Leaf Village

Hair color: Dark teal
Hair Style: Long hair that falls a little lower than the middle of her back; keeps part pulled up with the rest loose and letting a few locks frame her face with side swept bangs to the right.
Eye color: Deep purple
Height & Weight: 5'5", 139lbs

Clothes: Wears a armor mesh halter top underneath a bandeau top that leaves her right shoulder, upper back and upper chest bare with only a left sleeve stopping at her elbow and bottom of the top stopping about 2-3 inches below her large breasts leaving her stomach and lower back bare. She also wears black short shorts underneath a long skirt that stops just below her knees with slits on the sides with a white sash around her waist. She wears bandages on her left arm going from her hand to her elbow. She also wears the standard shinobi shoes and the Leaf headband around her neck. The outfit is light purple with white swirling designs near the hems. She also wears a black cord necklace with a dark purple crystal attached.

Hem design

Markings/Other: Jagged scar on the right side of her neck that runs along her collarbone; beauty mark on her left cheek; wears some makeup that's light pink in color.

Personality: Hisana is very loyal and willing to put herself in danger for the sake of others. Her temper is fiery and short when someone says the wrong thing to her but tries to keep her temper in check. She's consider a bookworm as she loves to read in her spare time. She is very caring about others she considers close and gaining her trust is not easy because of her past.

If you need more info or references, let me know please.
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