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  1. hi everyone! i'm looking for a good one on one rp buddy! if you look at content rating, you'll see i put everything down, that's because i do a little of everything. not that i do it all in one thread, but you get the general idea. I can play both male and female characters and they may like the same gender, other gender, or both.
    I'm here almost all day, everyday (except for when i sleep...) and will notif you if otherwise. Hope to meet you soon!
  2. I have twins I'm dying to use if you don't mind doubleing
  3. Sorry, Excuse me? Kind of confused?
  4. Are you still looking for a rp?
  5. Course, always am
  6. Well I have twin (two) characters I'd like to try out if you are ok with playing more than one character as well
  7. Sure, just answer a few questions. To know what you prefer.
    Weapons-allowed or not (what kind?)
    Physics- real life or anime
    Intercourse- (sorry) yes or no?
  8. Yes on weapons I usually use smaller swords or daggers but I could care less what you use

    I don't think I've played with anime physics before so real life

    Sex is fine as long as the focus is on plot. I prefer mxm but can play mxf as well. Not comfortable with fxf
  9. Alright, gotcha.
    Yay swords!

    Real life is good then.

    I don't usually do MxM but i'll try
  10. Cool I'll pm you with my twins then
  11. I'll just use two characters
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.