need 5 guys for vampire love story XD

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  1. Hello everybody I'm looking for 4 or 5 males to place a vampire love story. Cheesey I know but I've been dying for this for a longggg time. I can't get it off my mind so I need to do it.
    Idc what the names are you make that up. But I have the personalities already picked out. All the characters will be brothers .
    well XD Soooo hope we can have fun. I only need 4 or 5 so hurry.
    1girl and 4 guys or 5... Lets see how this plays out

    1.) Age : 17
    Known as the troublemaker of the household,he is an attention seeker and loves mischief. He looks down on others and loves to bully and tease people. He is quite the rebel and has a passion for torture devices. He is a narcissistic prankster who has an obsession of being the best. He has a hard time expressing his feelings and he tends to get quickly jealous of anything. he starts to act more high-and-mighty and tries to cover up his feelings of embarrassment. Due to his high pride, he usually misleads people into thinking that he doesn't care about things he really cares about. he is strong, arrogant and cruel in the outside, but in the inside he is a shy guy. His shy side has been shown whenever he tries to tell something cute to Melody. is also a pervert and very possessive, as enjoys seeing others suffer. He hates being told what to do and is impatient. When he wants something, he will spare no time to get it.

    2.) age : 17
    disturbed, child-like personality is due to the fact that he and his brothers weren't raised properly as children. Around others, He may appear polite and rather soft-spoken, but is in fact quite mentally unstable, and shows signs of psychotic behavior when angered. He is shown to be moved to tears easily, and adores sweets. Perhaps his most prominent trait is his attachment to his precious teddy bear, Teddy, whom he is always depicted holding and will become enraged if a person takes, let alone touches or speaks "familiarly" to him.

    3.) age: 17
    He is extremely perverted. His perverted nature causes him to be suspended from school often. is both a Do-Masochist (extreme masochist) and a Do-Sadist (extreme sadist). He is always cheerful and loves to joke . However, his personality suddenly changes when something goes against his wishes, usually when someone is too defiant around him. He doesn't like when people disobeys his orders .

    4.) Age : 18
    he has refined manners.Though he might have a polite, sophisticated way of speaking (which is describe to be "butler-like"), his words tend to come with a biting edge. He values rules and demands that they are followed by others, but he creates many strange rules. Despite how rigid he may seem, he still has some sense of humor (albeit a dry one). he takes it upon himself to keep the house tidy, to manage household affairs, and to keep his brothers in line. His role in the family combined with his seemingly polite, gentlemanly posture often causes him to appear more like the eldest instead of his older brother .
    Shown by how he values rules, he is a strict person towards both himself and those around him. He is an arrogant, prideful person who demands perfection and dislikes submitting to weakness. Though his words may be harsh, they shouldn't always be taken at face value. He is an extreme sadist like the rest of his brothers, and his particular phrase is schadenfreude (pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune). Sometimes he does or says something in order to get a reaction that amuses him.
    Along with his passion for experimenting and making potions/drugs, he loves to collect tea sets and kitchenware. His brothers sometimes use his love for kitchenware to coerce him into cooking for them by saying that they'll use the kitchen themselves - his brothers have a penchant for destroying it when they use it. Due to his love for collecting, his brother often calls him a tableware otaku.

    5.)Age : 19
    Shu is usually seen sleeping in the living room or the music room. It is noted that he is always listening to music, even when taking a bath. He loves classical music, ranging from piano to violin. He has a lack of motivation and is lazy enough to do almost nothing, He's somewhat bored with life due to all that happened in his past. Despite him being the eldest son, he doesn't take any responsibility to look after his five brothers and the house and mostly complains about how he has to "deal with their problems." He mostly pushes this job to (number 4). He is also somewhat of a pervert and usually teases melody.

    So have fun and pick only need 5 guys, and once we have all 5 I'll make a thread then we can start. Only 18 or older sorry XD
    Ps this is my first group RP so ya Bear with me ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ
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  2. I like the idea and I if you are fine I will be the 4 brother , the gentleman . We have similar personality , creepily similar .
  3. Ok yay.... nOw I just need 4 more guys XD do you have any friends that might want to help
  4. Hm... Sorry . I'm new to iwaku but not new to roleplay .
  5. Ok well I'll find some more then we can RP
  6. Some questions . Shouldn't the first three be triplets and who is the werewolf ? ( In the original I don't remember to be an werewolf .)
  7. *facepalm * I was half asleep when I wrote this lol let fix it
  8. Don't worry . Also the inspiration for the characters is from Diabolik Lovers ?
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  9. This sounds fun. Can i be brother 5?
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  10. Ok fixed it... This is what happens when it's spur of the moment in the middle of the night when I'm half asleep. It's kind of based off an anime I started watching in the middle of the night. called diabolik lovers
  11. Yes it is but I've always wanted to do a harem with one girl and five guys XD ya know
  12. Yes you can now we need 3 more brothers
  13. Now I wonder where are you from . I'm from east Europe . And you should mark the brothers already taken.
  14. Why are you wondering where I'm from lol and I'm from the US and I was just about to do that
  15. Because of the timezone difference , here is almost midnight and there should be around 2pm.
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  16. It's about to be 5pm. where in Europe are you
  17. Yay. Now to play the waiting game.
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  18. I'm from Romania.
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  19. Yes sadly a waiting game and that is so cool. You're the first person I met from Romania.
    And I'm debating if I should add another female character so it's a little bit more even. And if I can't find a fifth guy and we'll just go with 4. Let's see
  20. Thank you .And if you exchange a guy with a girl make her your sister . This way won't be so awkward for her to be there . Hmm... 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Things will be interesting .
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