Necromancers and Medieval Magic! (Advanced, 18+)



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Hey all! I have an oddly specific request for an RP I've been wanting to get off the ground for a little while now.

So I've got a peculiar necromancer/medium character who has never really had the limelight before (aside from being a side-character/plot device for other RPs), and I'd like to give him a shot at starring in his own story.

In a nut shell, Vitali is sneaky, cunning and pretty darn powerful. He's can come across as superficially charming and often presents pretty amoral tendencies, and a quick wit that often puts him ahead of his enemies. However, given how quirky he is, I feel as though he can sometimes be a difficult character to play off of, so I'm looking for someone kind of specific that'll maybe make him meet his match and generate a pretty fun RP.

While romance often isn't a must in my RPs, I'm kind of curious as to how it would change him to actually develop feelings (-gasp!-) for someone. So ideally, I'd love to play him off of a woman with her own sense of cunning and getting ahead that will, for once, put him on equal footing with someone instead of ahead of them. She can be magically adept or not, that's entirely up for deliberation; basically the only thing that I'd request is someone who is not passive or meek. Because in staying true with his character, Vitali will get bored of them, and he isn't one to fight for or save someone who doesn't appear to be able to hold their own or who can't put up a challenge. Ideally, someone else used to pulling aces out of their sleeve, and that can content with necromancy and dark magic would be da bomb. X3

I do have an intro written up for him, where he is currently incognito and on the run from a former employer than he screwed over. XD PM me if you'd like to see the intro, but it could really go in any direction. Maybe the character playing off of him was sent to find him by someone he's ticked off, or maybe they're looking for him for their own purposes. Again, we can figure out the details as we go along. C: I'd just really like to finally establish Vitali as his own character and not a plot device. xD

One last thing I should probably note is that I'm going to be pretty picky here--so please don't take it personally if I let you know that I don't think it will work! This is a very difficult character for others to play off of, in my experience, so in a nut shell, it's not you--it's him. XD

Feel free to PM me with questions or interest! <3

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