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  1. Name: Kale Korhal
    Age: 20
    Profession: Scrap Worker
    Relations: Family Dead
    Equipment: Plasma Cutter, Kinesis Module, Stasis Module, Scavenger Suit (RIG)


    Name: Flynn Wilson
    Age: 27
    Profession: Earthgov Soldier
    Relations: Mother: Edith Wilson
    Background: Wilson just completed the training program for the special operations division when he got a suspicious message from his Unitologist mother, stating something about imminant convergence and how he should embraced his faith before it happens. Wilson's been telling his mother to stay away from those manics at the Unitology church but she didn't listen. So after arguing with his CO a bit, he was given a two day leave to check up on his mother before deployment. Little did he know that what was on the horizon.
    Equipment: Divet pistol, Kinesis Module, Stasis Module, Military off duty suit (RIG).

    Kale looks over the large hunk of scrap that had been delivered to his warehouse. The sweetest score would come from the inside, and he didn't have time to cut through the outside. So he uses the modules to lift up a panel and freeze it, before stepping inside, plasma cutter at the ready.
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  2. Flynn walked quickly from the transit hub toward his mother's apartment building. The streets, normally bustling with activity, now seemed eerily deserted. Only the sounds of sirens and intermitted gunfired permeated the air. Vehicles parked crookedly in the alleys as Flynn walked up to a police checkpoint. Several individuals kneeled on the ground with their hands on their heads, while two officers guarded them. Another didn't even looked at the identification card in his hands, just gave his uniform a glance and waved him through. Flynn thanked him with a nod then walked on.

    Taking the elevator up, Flynn kept a hand near his pistol holster as the doors opened. Someone had graffiti the walls, saying "Convergence is nigh," and other Unitologist nonsense. He went towards the apartment only to see from a distance that someone left the door slightly ajar. Pulling out his pistol, Flynn carefully moved in, opening the door to the ransacked place.

    Someone had trashed the place. Overturned furniture, clothing and other materials scattered around the floor. After making sure no one tried to get the jump on him, Flynn at least took a breath when there wasn't any blood in the place, or bodies. He went over to check on the console on the table and up came the list of latest messages. The latest was an unsent one from his mother in a conversation with him.

    "I've been called to participate in the convergence dear. This is a great honor, but I don't want to distract you from your training. Remember me fondly, and we'll see each other again when we are all one."

    Flynn cursed, then looked at the brochure for the nearest Unitology. He sprinted out of the hallway, the cries within nearby apartment fell on his deaf ears. With weapon in hand he made it back on the streets once more, working his way towards the church nearby. Someone's going to die for this, he thought as he flicked the safety of his pistol on and off again.
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  3. Kale smiles as he reaches paydirt, the best scrap in this part of a ship. He takes his plasma cutter and begins to remove a computer console, the electronics would fetch a pretty penny. He was so engrossed in his work he barely heard the scraping of a necromorph's scythe behind him.
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  4. Flynn finally made it to the Unitology Church building, but by then had a much clearer head. The structure gave an impressive feel for its size at least, easily rivaling the taller buildings around the local urban area. He holstered his weapon and walked into the lobby, expecting a greeter to try and convince him of the rock worshipers' way and get him to sign something pledging his loyalty and such and such. He ended up staring at an empty room. Even the chair behind the receptionist's desk remained emptied. This made Flynn equally relieved and annoyed. Relieved because he did have to talk and possibly punch his way through over enthusiastic Unitologist in order to speak with their "vested" members. Annoyed because he still had no idea where his mother was.

    Spotting an elevator behind the reception area, Flynn made his way towards it. Pressing a button, he turned to noticed a streak of blood on the ground leading to one of the side doors. He hadn't noticed it before since the shock of the emptied room rocked his expectations. Pulling out his weapon again, he tried calling his mother, only to have it sent straight to voicemail. When he ended the call, the elevator had arrived, and the doors opened to admit him in. However the scene inside gave him pause. In the corner of the elevator laid the remains of a body, without arms, legs or skin. Blood covered the floor and someone wrote a message on the wall of the elevator.

    They lied to us.

    Flynn had seen dead bodies before. Former comrades and enemies blown apart by explosives and gunfire, but this one was different. Someone, or something had savagely mauled it into a pulp. The soldier needed to find his mother quick and get out even quicker. He entered the elevator and hit the top floor, hoping that whatever was going on havn't reached the administration wing of the building yet, and that his mother found refuge there. The doors closed and the elevator music clashed with the scene around him even as he ascended. Flynn stared out of the view port, trying collect his thoughts when an explosion ripped out of a distant building, while Earthgov gunships swarmed around the air from place to place, firing occasionally down. A ding prompted Flynn to move from the grisly elevator and into the hallway.

    Weapon at ready, he turned a corner just to see three pulse rifles aimed back at him. From the uniform the men looked like Unitologist. Flynn kept his weapon at ready, trained on the guy in the middle as he addressed them.

    "I'm Earthgov, so I would advise you gentlemen to lower your weapons."

    The man on the right scoffed at him. "Earthgov's authority isn't recognized here dog. You're trespassing and we don't take kindly to those who trespass here, especially liars." Flynn looked at the symbols and marks on the men's uniform as they approached him and cursed his luck. They belonged the Circle, terrorists trying to overthrow Earthgov for the Unitologist. As he took a step back from their advances the soldier noticed the view port next to them, showing the skyline of the metropolis. Well, at least I won't go alone, and I have a nice view. He prepared for the shoot out just as a large fleshly hand grabbed the man on his right and pulled him back screaming into the gaping maw of a monster.

    The beast loomed over three remaining humans, watching them as it severed the man in half in its jaws. It looked like someone smashed a bunch of body parts together to form an humanoid, while something went terribly wrong. Flynn stared as the others began to fire on it, to no effect, just as it crushed another of the Unitologist with its giant limb. Only as the last one screamed his death cry did the Special Operator snapped back into reality, and noticed approaching gunships through the view port. Flynn was a lot of things, but stupid wasn't one of them. He turned and ran just as the beast roared behind him.
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  5. Kale spins around and spots a necromorph advancing quickly. One shot of the plasma cutter sees it knocked back enough for him to dash back out into his warehouse. He turns and disables the stasis module, hoping that it could hold such a monster.
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