Nearing the End.

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  1. [ I will make this short only due to I want you and the others to fill in the gaps where one might question, if there is any. ]

    :: Day 1 ::

    It has started.
    It was not sudden, this outbreak.
    It almost seemed like.. They were attempting to create this thing, this virus..
    This.. Curse.

    It all made sense when the news was aired.
    Scientists trying to see if there could be anything possible as living dead.


    :: Day 59 ::


    It's spreading slowly..
    It's already reached our home.
    Even this small town, Nome, safety seems to be a rarity.

    How could it have traveled so fast..?

    This doesn't seem right...

    :: Today ::

    I hear screaming from the street, probably someone getting attacked.
    Wait it soun----


    From the broken down, dying, shady staff locker room she had been living in, waking up was completely dreadful.
    Swollen eyes sizing up the shape and color of the dingy walls, leveled at nothing in particular.
    The mustard yellow wallpaper did nothing to the scape of the one large room.
    With an exasperated sigh, sat up from the local flatlined, indented couch and shook her head slightly from one side to the other. Raising her left arm, curled her digits into a fist as she then proceeded to rub out the crumbs from her shut eyelids. Once again, the noises from the streets outside kept her awake most of the night. They were out at it again.. The dead walk. Inhaling sharply, leaned forward as she slid her covered feet from out of the comfort of the one cotton blanket she owned, and currently used, placing her soles on the wooden floor. A few steps taken to the opposing side of the room, she called out softly if any of her group members were awake.. Be them new or the original. She hated being the only one awake this early. Speaking of which..
    She looked at a clock, and groaned. It was only 7:26.. AM.
  2. a guy sitting on the floor cross legged Screams filled the room from the outside, He chuckled and slowly rose from the floor. His dark red hair cut not to short but at neck level, He was wearing a black-beater and green camo pants. he was wearing Mixed Martial Arts shoes, his build was well and his eyes still closed. He opened them and his green eyes were showed out in the semi light room,. pulled out two combat knifes and a sheathe for each of them, He sighed and walked towards the door. He walked out noticing that one of them was awake, and sat down on the floor. His name was Constance Christoph or what some call him Con, A smirk on his face as he looked at the awoken women " Morning " He said his hand rubbing across hi eyes as he tried to get a better focus on the room.
  3. That red hair seemed to brighten up the dingy surrounding. Grumbling something about food, walked to where one window had been measly barred up, and looked through the slats. For a moment, she watched.
    With a sigh, she leaned and walked back to where the male had sat down. She crouched, her knees bent, heels slightly raised up from the ground. Her darkened tresses, falling past her shoulders seemed tangled. In fact, she had just woken up. Duh.
    Upon her upper body was a mere black flannel long sleeved shirt. It was baggy, yes. And airy. Then again. It was black.
    The sun..
    But thankfully, back to this, it was baggy. For her lower wear, she had on sweatpants. Navy blue sweatpants. On her feet wore ankle socks. Just plain white. Pretty much the only color on this girl.
    Her name was Enola. But she only went by the name, Via. She looked like a young adult.. Close. One more year left to go.
    Exhaling loudly, wore a bland and bored expression upon her face. Sure, she was not fazed by what was happening outside, but then again, hey.. Can you blame her? It was early as hell. ...Hm.


    She started, talking to Constance as he was literally right in front of her.

    "I need food. Now."

    Via took a deep breath and waited a few moments. And then she continued.

    "Con. I need food.."

    Her bored expression remained, although her eyes began to slowly level at him, almost turning to a full out squint.
    Via could not cook. She hated it in fact.
    And Con.. Huh. He was up. Her stomach was her responsibility now. Odd.. That during this time she would be so worried about food.
    She paid no mind to that thought, keeping her gaze on the male, awaiting an answer. And that answer sure as hell be "Yes."

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    He wasn't sleeping. He was always wide awake, his guard up. It was just the kind of guy he was. Messy silver hair hung over truly deep auburn eyes. So deep infact, they were often mistaken for red and in some cases, he agreed. Cyrus Grey was his name. Though everyone he'd ever meet just called him Grey in reference to his hair. He didn't mind in the slightest. Some who were lazy enough just called him Cy. There was a lot of things he let fly over his head, things he didn't let get to him. Cyrus sat slumped in a corner, leaning on his favored 50. cal sniper rifle,hands in his hoodie pocket, clutching his two fn five-seven pistols. They were the only weapons Cyrus managed to scavenge before coming here. He kept them close and the rest of the group knew better than to interfere with them. He doubted anyone could use them better anyways. Cyrus' focus allowed him to drown out the commotion outside if only for awhile. That was until the girl and redhead started speaking. From that point he was unable to fake his sleeping. He pulled his hood from his head, allowing his silver hair to fall forward even more, covering his eyes now. He shifted his slumped body towards the two. Cyrus was about 6'3 and it was difficult to keep his back in such a position. Then he heard something that made his stomach flatline. "food." Though Cyrus wasn't one to complain, he admittedly hadn't eaten in almost a week. He was feeling weak though he never let it show. Slowly he rose to his feet, allowing the barrel of the rifle he was leaning on to slam against the floor. The safety was on of course. He then began to stretch out his spine a little. "Umm.. Food sounds nice.." His entrance was quite awkward but it was to be expected. Cyrus wasn't the best when it came to interacting with others. He was a fighter, a loner, not a socializer.
  5. Professor. Simon Wenchester, woke with hardly any sleep-over at all. He simply sat up, blinked once or twice at a clock that read. '7:30 A.M.' swung his legs over himself and stood, having dressed himself that later night. Turning more to his right, he began to put in a ten digit code into a large, polished, chrome box that was almost as tall as him. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a snoop watching him as he put in the digits, which he didn't mind. Because as he slid open the first set door, he was greeted with a hand scan, and pressed his own hand into it. Grunting in satisfaction as it clicked, he slid that door open as well, and began rummaging through his daily 'gadgets'.

    The locker itself was a new invention, it started out as an experiment, meant for keeping the so called 'virus' in containment where it could be studied on. Having that failed he simply arranged its build into a locker of sorts. All of his other inventions were over a year old, but tweaked with almost weekly. He retrieved his trusty pistol, sliding it into the waist of his pants. Slid on a pair of white gloves, which had a strange grid-based texture. A small, rose pushpin, weathered by time and pushed it into his coat, snipping it on. And his tie, which he delicately tied around his neck, and stuffed the endings in the front of his shirt.

    He was new to the encampment by two days, and had already made a reputation of himself. When he had first arrived, the towns local brutes had immediately taken a certain 'liking' to him. Having expected him to break easily, had attempted to rob him of his possessions in broad daylight. Hardly even paying attention to them, he was simply walking toward a random destination, humming his usual merry tune. But as many now know, its best not to touch him without his own permission. The moment the gruff had placed his hand along his trench coat, Prof. Wes had nearly broken his entire arm within a second, and as the other brute of the group had charged at him, he grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and dangled him over a hundred foot drop. Prof. Wes had told the other to 'dance' for him, but when he didn't, simply threw the pair into each other and continued his merry way. As expected, they bothered no one else more. This wasn't the only thing he had done, several small things that had made people both fear him, but also treasure him.

    He closed the locker with a slam as he always did, he spun on his right heel, placed both hands into the pockets of his trench coat, and began walking toward the exit, the group talking about 'food' almost directly ahead of him now.
  6. Jae woke up and sighed, staring at the ceiling. She yawned and stretched a little, waking her brother in the process.

    Ace yawned, awakened from his slumber. He ran his hand through his hair, looking around the room. He's slept sitting in a corner, his little sister laid in his lap. He pat her shoulder. "Good sleep?"

    Jae nodded. "Yeah." She stretched again and stumbled to her feet. She'd barely twisted her ankle, and some days it just hurt. "Good morning Professor." She said as he headed towards the exit.
  7. Before this.
    Before this epidemic, Enola was very into what she lived by. A specific schedule. An order for how things went.
    Sure, her life had structure.. But just a fun fact, she was very messy nonetheless.
    Not much of a social life.
    Actually, no.
    She had the rather lavished social life. It was not complicated. She played the part, in simpler terms.
    Of course, one-sided advantage was the overall mission.

    She huffed. For her question was left unanswered. ...
    She literally waited for a fraction of a second before she became impatient.
    From her crouched position did she stand to her full height, the bored expression was diminished. Now replaced with one of pure annoyance.

    She was not quick to rise to this type of anger this fast.. But then again, it was food she was talking about.

    Twisting around on her heels, sent her gaze to now moving figures, voices across the area and simple shadows coming in from the slatted windows.

    With a sigh, she opened her mouth and spoke in an ascending voice which grew to a very loud, meaning.. a VERY loud tone..

    "Alright. Everyone.. Get up..!!!"

    Her left hand rose up, the back rubbing against the base of both nostrils. Sniffling, she clenched her eyes shut as she did so. Sick?
    This damn weather..
    Dropping her hand back to her side, exhaled once again.
    It didn't really make any sense.. With this cold weather, with her, it would be hard to get sick.
    It was this place.. This, what was this? A hospital? Government facility? Hell. It could be both. It was filthy.
    Yes, she was a messy person. But she was used to her own mess.. All of this crap laying around, and uncleaned surfaces were setting off her reactions. Giving off sinus symptoms.

    So far, she hoped that these people.. All of these people, would wake the hell up..

    "Ah. Also.."

    She spoke in a loud tone as well, her voice echoing off the walls faintly. Surely, everyone on this level, be them awake or asleep, would be able to clearly hear Enola.

    "We need to clean this shite hole up, and go off grounds. One. More supplies. Sure. We are not low. But, stocking up is a priority, always. As well as any survivors.. Just to be sure.."

    She trailed off at that sentence, her voice wavering. She indeed was looking for someone. Already he had not arrived, but still.. There could be hope.
    It was no one special. It was a man.
    A man with connections.
    Regaining her composure, continued.

    "As well as ammo. We ne--Hey! All of you! Wake the hell up and pay attention."

    And from there, did she go silent.
    It was completely weird of her to be this involved.. Usually she didn't give a damn about the others, mainly staying to herself, going out occasionally to look around and have fun in the dead. Or at least, killing them back to death.

    But recently, realty was hitting her hard. She was determined to survive.
    And that made her more dangerous than ever.

    In her head was played a little voice.
    It was him. Saku.

    Saku: "Calm down, you."

    And so she did, rubbing the nape of her neck with the palm of her right hand. There was tension, and as it became unwound, did she sit where she stood, legs crossed and head bowed, a veil of hair on both sides covering her features.

    This was all going on, and even if anyone had responded, she would have either ignored it or zoned out.
    In her current position, her labored breathing indicated that she was asleep.
    She was asleep. Literally. Odd girl.
  8. Light on his feet, he quickly made his way through the crowd of people, pushing them whenever he needed to. It was strange, the matter of his movements, it spoke of peace and calm, but also had cut aggression and violence into it, almost as if he was perfectly balanced between good, and evil. But still didn't care, did what he pleased, and still did as he pleased.

    Caught out of his thoughts by a scream, he turned his head to see a girl attempting to order around the group of survivors, like they would listen. They were all too scared, too stubborn, and to proud to be told what to do. However, when the girl sat on the ground, it sparked even more curiosity into his mind.

    But, it wasn't important, reading her body movements a conversation was beyond reach, he turned his head back toward the door and moved on, spotting the one he was looking for.

    "Hey! Boy! Get over here!" He was hardly a boy, he looked perhaps older than Prof. Wes himself, maybe by ten years. But nevertheless, when he heard the Professors voice, quickened up his pace, intent on avoiding him. Its how he got the nickname 'boy'. For his childish quirks and gestures.

    Prof. Wes grinned, he liked it when people tried to run, like he would kill them at any given moment, which he could. His tone toughened, a hint of threat behind it "Boy.. Don't you walk away from me." Already, the eyes of many bystanders were starting to drift toward him. He hadn't killed anyone yet, but it was clear they all knew he could, and probably would.

    The 'boy' turned around, raising his arms in a submitting, and pleading gesture "Ay' man whatda you want?" A thick, Russian accent. He had brown hair, hazel eyes, and was nearly a head taller than Prof. Wes. He was wearing a green cap, a torn old Go Army! shirt, along with dark blue sweat jeans and white sneakers.

    Prof. Wes, smacked him on the side of the head. "The damn blood! Don't tell me you forgot, I swear if you can't remember this you have the intellect compared to a carrot!" This caused a few others to laugh quietly, but when they received Prof. Wes's glare, stopped. He thought it was funny himself, but kept that to his own mind.

    "T-the blood?" he looked absolutely terrified, sweat already beginning to drip off him. "Oh! R-right!" He quickly ran off, knowing better than to keep the Professor waiting, and about two minutes later returned with vial of blood, about the size of his middle finger. With gentle care, he put his hand forward to give the Professor the vial of blood, trying to keep his hands from shaking... Which they were.

    Prof. Wes, not too caring if it broke, he could easily get more. Quickly snatched it from the mans hands, and held it up to his eye, examining it. 'At least twenty four hours young, no more than forty eight. Healthy, good chance of being C+' He grinned in satisfaction, and in a less demanding tone said. "You can go."

    The 'Boy' Did, quickly.

    Prof. Wes, noticing a large amount of people were watching, thought up a quick and easy idea to fix that. Taking a deep breath, he then yelled "WHAT ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT?!" In a threatening and persuasive tone added. "Don't you think, you should be doing something?" Getting a lack of wanted response, he held up the vial. "Would you like to know who's blood this is?" That did the trick, and nearly all of them shuffled away from him.

    With another grunt of satisfaction, he began toward the door again while pocketing the blood, mind set forward for prosperous day.
  9. Cy shuffled his hand in his pockets and pushed his back farther into the corner he had curled up into earlier. Unknowingly he nudged at the rifle at his feet, a habit. As his silver locks hung over his eyes he let out a long sigh. "It was stupid to think this good for nothing group would actually get somewhere.." He mumbled. "So... dysfunctional." If it weren't for the convenient shelter he would've been long gone.

    Cy completely ignored the first girls attempt to take command. What a bunch of wasted energy he thought. He didn't even find her orders worth following. Shortly after she burnt herself out the professor started to speak. He hated when this guy spoke. Cy hadn't met a bigger annoyance than the professor. For one, he was loud. Cy absolutely hated loud people, It was just a waste of energy to him. Second, he seemed kind of a snobby prick. Cy usually never jumped the gun to make assumptions like that but this guy was... special. If anything his little performance proved just that.

    Cyrus let out another long sigh as the crowd seemed to bend around the professor's movement. There were hordes of the undead outside and they would really waste their energy fearing a single man. This group as a whole was quickly losing his appeal and Cyrus began pondering the thought of heading out own his own. He knew damn well he was better off that way.
  10. Jae stopped, turning and watching the commotion. She rolled her eyes and stopped, deciding she wouldn't go outside today. Instead she went to one of the windows, crossing her arms and looking between the planks of wood.

    Ace leaned against the wall and sighed. Most of the people here seemed to be scared. Of what? He thought. In his opinion, the only thing to be scared of was being infected. If you can fight, though, you shouldn't be scared. He glanced at Jae before standing and stretching, thinking of what he would do this day.
  11. When reaching the door, his posture changed almost completely.

    Instead of being loud and obnoxious, he became much more quite, much more observant. He changed from being his usual, unappealing self, to a commando of sorts. Checking each, and every window around the door, observing for minutes before moving into the next one.

    He knew he was drawing attention, but it didn't matter. He had to get outside, he had to draw as little of the undead to him as possible, and he had to test his idea.

    Slowly, ever so carefully. He turned the knob on the door, taking every precaution to avoid making noise, he opened it a crack and peered outside, watching for a full minute before he opened it more, and slid out the door. He closed it again, as quite as before, if not then even more quite.

    He glanced toward his left gloved hand, which now had a detailed map of the area projecting two inches from it. He glanced toward his right hand, which told him how much energy his gadgets have, his own energy. Ammunition, and battery packs. He was relieved that his trench coat was designed to take water from the air, and put it into his body. Because he might not be back for a few days.

    He could already feel himself beginning to shake from the tension, but he put a quick move to stop that. He couldn't let the others know that he himself, was equally terrified. So he bottled up his emotions, keeping them in check, and acted as though he was a complete maniac. He didn't like doing it, and would rather just be as normal as the rest of them. But, he needed things when he needed them, and acting insane usually got that done quick.

    He glanced once more to the map on his left hand, and turning to the south. Began to walk, crouched in a more stealth like appearance, and he already had his pistol in hand. Praying he wouldn't have to use it because he had forgotten the suppressor.

    He was going to a hell on earth, and prayed to whatever higher being that may be watching, that he would make it out alive.
  12. Jae calmly watched the Proffessor walk away before turning away from the window and going over to Ace. "He's gone." She said quietly, but emotionless. "I wonder where he went."

    Ace shrugged. "Don't worry about it." He looked over to a silver-haired member of the group. He sat down beside him. "Hey. I'm Ace. Have a name?"

    Jae sat in front of Ace, but didn't speak.
  13. Cyrus felt slightly more at ease as he heard the door shut, announcing the professors exit. Maybe he wouldn't return. No, Cy's luck was never that good.

    In a few moments he was planning to do the same, go off on his own, scavenge and so on. Before he even flinched the siblings appeared at his feet. He called them "the siblings" because he never learned their names. Until now that is. Ace, that appeared to be the older brothers name. He was forward enough to approach Cyrus straight out in the open and definetly deserved some bravery points for that. This peaked his interest. Without looking towards the boy he replied. "Cyrus..." Slowly he pulled his hood further over his head.
  14. "That's a cool name. Oh, and this is Jae." Ace replied, motioning to his sister. "How long have you been with this group?"

    Jae looked between the two and continued to listen.
  15. Formally, Cy nodded towards the girl, just to show some acknowledgement. She seemed a little shy at first. He then turned his attention back to Ace. He paused for a moment to think. " About 2 weeks give or take " It was a reasonable guess. Cy hadn't been here to long, but long enough for him to know that it was time to split. "And yourselves?" He asked the two.
  16. Jae nodded back, smiling only slightly.

    "We just got here yesterday." He replied, running his hand through his short-cut hair. "So we..I mean I, don't know half the group. However, Jae decided she needed to know everyone." He rolled his eyes.

    Jae nodded. "I might only be 14, but it helps to know strangers." She replied sarcastically.

    Ace sighed. "Whatever. It's nice to meet you Cyrus, by the way."
  17. " Yesterday huh? " He was definetly interested in how these two survived on their own until now. He listened to the short back and forth between the two. "I don't know much of the group either.. Never bothered to learn their names. I wont be here much longer anyway"

    Cy couldn't help but smirk abit. The two just seemed to be so innocent in the midst of all this. That was a quality hard to find around here. " It's a pleasure to meet you two aswell "
  18. Jae looked at him. "Why? Are you leaving? You gotta be prepared." She said this almost warningly.

    Ace sighed. "She's a little..yeah. You seem good. Definitely better than some of the stragglers we've run into before now." He shrugged.
  19. Cy was kind of surprised at Jae's sudden approach. " Well If you hadn't noticed I don't really fit in with this group. More importantly were running out of supplies. Mostly because everyone else is too afraid to go outside." Cy shrugged. " If their too afraid to fight for their survival.. Then their better off dead." He spoke loud enough for a portion of the group to hear.

    He then turned to Ace. " I uhh.. Yeah I guess you could say im sorta prepared." He pushed his heel back on the rifle leaning on it. His leg was getting to familiar with the weight and it was getting hard to tell it was still there.
  20. Jae shrugged. Suit yourself. She thought silently, looking over at the window again, but not getting up.

    Ace nodded. "Yeah." He glanced at Jae to make sure she wasn't getting in trouble.